Lunch and too much delicious tea at TWG

Yesterday, there we were at the TWG Salon having a very nice lunch and planning for a tea luncheon I’m hosting for many ambassadors and their wives sometime.

We’re serving this very delicious chocolate cake
to the ambassadors and their wives

I thought it would be fun to invite the ambassadors and their wives, to talk travel over lunch and some of the finest teas in the world. Especially as the teas at TWG have such wonderful names like Weekend in Paris or Weeekend in Istanbul.

Simply perfect for a Travelife, in other words.

I’ll certainly do a Weekend in Paris or a Weekend in Istanbul anytime. And, in the meantime, I’ll content myself with the TWG teas, while the exotic weekends are still in the planning…

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Yesterday, confronted with several dozen choices of tea, I just had to have my fix of a South African Red Tea.

I figured this would be my favorite rooibos tea.

However the one at TWG had a slightly more fruity blend along with it. It was very nice, and I made a mental note to myself to buy a kilo of this tea at TWG once my current South African stash runs out.

I drank the pure, organic kind with every meal in South Africa, and I got hooked. I’m so sorry I didn’t buy enough then, although it certainly did look like we did when we were there — especially when we weighed the luggages at check-in at Cape Town International Airport.

And I remember that we’d been buying Rooibos tea all along the way during our week in Cape Town, whenever we stopped at a deli or a supermarket. The best Rooibos tea I bought was a pack of organic loose leaf tea at a small upscale deli in the tourist town of Franschhoek.

I wish I’d bought all my rooibos tea here.

Meanwhile, the last pack of Rooibos tea I bought was the tea bag-kind at the supermarket at Cape Town International Airport before we checked in. And, oh yes, I snuck a few Rooibos tea bags into my handcarry from the British Airways lounge while we were waiting for our flight to Johannesburg.


At TWG on Friday, I also tried the Weekend in Marrekech tea, which is a blend of green tea and mint tea.

It literally made me think about planning a trip to Morocco this year — especially as I’d been editing someone’s article on Morocco this week and that had gotten me thinking about going back there, if I can find someone who’ll come along.

I haven’t been in ten years, and I would so love to visit Morocco again. Yes, I’ll Weekend in Marrakech anytime as well, too.


There was also a tea from Tanzania on the menu, which made me smile when I saw it.

I was so tempted to try this, too, as an inkling of things to come. I’m going to Tanzania and Kenya in one trip in a couple of months, and it’s a trip that will involve three amazing safari experiences and simply too little time.

I still don’t know if we’re that crazy about safaris, or if we’re just plain crazy; but three safari experiences, it is.

That’s a carre d’agneau on the left,
and the TWG salad on the right

So imagine having all these teas from all over the world, and they’re making you remember travels from the past or inspiring you to go on new ones.

That’s kind of what I want to happen when I host the ambassadors and their wives for lunch sometime soon.

We began lunch with a lovely seafood bisque

Before that, though, you’ll hear about a pretty amazing Travelife to India.

This trip started out as a whim and a bit of an adventure; and I was really too busy to plan it out properly for the longest time, even if we’d already made up our minds to go.

But as of Friday night, it was finally all booked and reconfirmed, and planned out to be best-of-breed and seamless in a very never-endingly eventful Travelife way. As always.