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Signs That The Liver Is Unhealthy

The liver is responsible for absorbing the nutrients and metabolizing food and drugs. It also helps in eliminating toxins in the body. As such, it’s vital role makes it imperative to take LiverMarin Plus.


Three signs of an unhealthy liver

A swollen abdomen can mean many things but having a liver problem is the most common. The build-up of fluid means that the liver is not able to remove the toxins in the body. Not draining the fluid can cause more harm and complication.

Jaundice causes discolored skin and eyes with a yellowish hue. This means that a bile pigment is building up in the blood and is also unable to be eliminated as waste.

Chronic fatigue, weakness of the body, memory loss, and confusion can also mean that the liver is experiencing too much stress.

LiverMarin Plus

If you are experiencing any of these signs, seek your physician immediately. If you don’t have these signs, protect it with proper diet, exercise and the help of supplements.

By using supplements with Ganoderma, Silymarin, Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Amino Acid Complex you may also improve your liver functions. Ganoderma helps enhanc detoxification process, Silymarin helps promot cell regeneration, Sodium Ascorbate helps produce collagen that supports detoxification, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps protect the cells from free radical damage and Amino Acid Complex helps support liver repair and rebuilding process. In fact, LiverMarin Plus contains Ganoderma, Silymarin, Sodium Ascorbate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Amino Acid Complex at Mercury Drug.

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