Travel to Italy for a mask making workshop in Florence


Guests of the Italy tour operators Tuscany Now & More can now experience a unique and interesting travel activity. As part of their visit to Italy, they can now take a journey into the past with a mask making workshop in the heart of Florence.

About the Commedia dell’Arte

The famous masks of Florence
The famous masks of Florence

Guests can travel back to Italy in the 16th century. This was the time when the Italian theatrical form of Commedia dell’Arte was flourishing. For the Commedia dell’Arte, staging was minimal and props were the main focus. The famous Italian masks were the stars of the show.

In the Commedia dell’Arte, the Italian masks were each assigned characters in the performance. The masks were designed to show emotion and intelligence, and they were used as an extension of the character.

Travel to Italy for a Mask Making Workshop with a Florentine Artisan

Making traditional Italian masks in Florence, Italy
Making traditional Italian masks in Florence, Italy

Guests of Italy tour operators Tuscany Now & More will be able to visit the bottega of a local Florentine artisan. The Florentine artisan will guide them through the different stages of creating their very own traditional Italian mask. The artisans of Florence have won international fame for creating masks for Hollywood feature films and the theatre. So guests who sign up for this most unusual workshop will learn from the true masters of the craft.


Making a traditional Italian mask is not as difficult as you would think. However, you need the right instructors. First, you must find a mask amongst their collection to inspire you in your own creation. They you must learn about the ancient materials, techniques and skills of Florentine mask making. The next stages involve creating the plaster mould and the papier-mâché print. Then, you proceed to the final colouring, coating and application of golf and silver leaf.

At the end of this special two hour workshop, guests will have created their very own Italian mask and possibly launched a new character to take away and introduce on the world stage.

Tuscany Now & More offers the Mask Making Workshop in Florence.


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