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Intimate sayonara dinner hosted by the Ambassador of Israel for the Ambassador of Argentina, with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs as main guest.

With Marivic Rufino, Madame Gretchen del Rosario,
Consul Tony Rufino, and hostess Madame Eti Bar-On of Israel

There were a dozen things happening in Manila tonight, living a Travelife, but I chose to attend only one: the sit-down farewell dinner hosted by the Ambassador of Israel at his residence for the Ambassador of Argentina, who is leaving the Philippines in a few days.

I was a little late as there was so much traffic in the city tonight.

Fortunately, I had someone on BBM to entertain me for most of the way. I wish I could blog about our funny conversations, but I just can’t anymore…

Ambassador Menash Bar-On giving the opening remarks tonight

I really hate goodbyes and it’s been one farewell dinner after another in the short time I’ve been around, since so many friends are leaving Manila.

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At the same time, however, I don’t want to pass up any opportunity to say goodbye to dear friends who I’ve grown close to in the last few years; and I’m really happy to be included in so many wonderful farewell dinners that have more joy than sadness.


As always, Ambassador and Madame Bar-On entertained with lots of flair and style.

Madame Bar-On is a very talented cook and the perfect hostess, and so we had a most wonderful evening of Israeli hospitality with a touch of Latin America.

This was a pretty intimate dinner of four small round tables, but with a stellar guest list headed by none other than Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Madame Albert del Rosario, plus several Spanish-speaking ambassadors and their wives.


I knew almost everyone in the room so it was also like a nice reunion of friends, especially as I’ve been away quite a bit on my never-ending Travelife.

I also told everyone that I’m headed for Sri Lanka next week.

In fact, two of the guests at the dinner party tonight are going with me as well.

They left the dinner earlier than me. In parting, I excitedly told them: “See you at Colombo airport next week,” for just another journey in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Dinner hosted by H.E. Menash Bar-On, Ambassador of Israel
and Madame Eti Bar-On

in honor of 
H.E. Joaquin Otero
Ambassador of Argentina
Eggplant salad with tahini
Vegetable garden salad with pita bread
*    *    *

Salmon with noodles
*    *    *

*    *    *

Chicken marinated with vegetables and
tortilla with ground meat
*    *    *

Apple pie with sorbet in strawberry sauce
*    *    *

Homemade cookies



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