Hokkaido, Scandinavia, New South Wales and Istanbul in Travelife Magazine

The Travelife Magazine team in Hokkaido


It is with great pleasure that we present this special Travelife Magazine issue on Japan with a focus on Hokkaido, a destination everyone in the Travelife Magazine team has grown to love over the years – and with good reason.

We’ve seen for ourselves the beauty of Hokkaido in every season and experienced its amazing nature and bounties; this issue is a testament to our firm conviction about the rightful place of Hokkaido at the top of anyone’s travel bucket list.


For this special cover feature on Sapporo City, the Travelife Magazine team all enjoyed putting this feature together, and reminiscing over Hokkaido in the office invariably led to memories of that freezing day our model Ayana Haren posed in front of the Shiroi Koibito chocolate factory in a tank dress like a real trooper.

At Moliere restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan

We also remembered the delicious lunch we had afterwards at Moliere, one of a handful of three-star Michelin restaurants in Hokkaido.


The rest of our Travelife team contributed their own Japan stories, including Finance Officer Maricel Diosana who flew to Tokyo to ride the Odakyu Romance Car to Hakone, and then to take a series of trains, trams and buses around Kanagawa Prefecture after that.


We also cover several other dream travel destinations, beginning with the spellbinding sequel of adventurer-at-heart Dondi Joseph to his sailing journey to Svalbard, a raw and pristine place at the very edge of the world that any traveler with wanderlust should see at least once in his or her lifetime.

Meanwhile, Travelife Magazine columnist Michelle Barrera heads back to her childhood home in the heart of picturesque wine and horse country in New South Wales, Australia to revisit favorite haunts and create the ultimate insider list for foodies and wine lovers. These are places she and her family have known for years so it’s a real black book to treasure.


The Aya Sofia in Istanbul

On the other hand, I pitched in with my own dream destination of Istanbul, a city I’ve been to so many times that I’ve lost count; but it still remains one of my favorite places to fly to for any reason and in any season — and this is now so easy to reach from Asia via flights on Turkish Airlines.

At the Park Hyatt Istanbul

From the responses of our Travelife team on our contributors’ page, it seems many will agree. Istanbul is a close second to Japan in our informal list of favorite destinations.

Recently, I spent all of three days in Istanbul, staying at the Park Hyatt Istanbul, a hotel that’s just perfect for travelers who’ve already been to Istanbul a dozen times.


At the Park Hyatt Istanbul

The Park Hyatt Istanbul was intimate, luxurious and relaxing – perfect for R&R. We took a boat out on the Bosphorus and
spent an afternoon sharing a Turkish ice cream (dondurma) sundae at a historic coffee shop in the fashionable seaside neighborhood of Bebek, where we happily passed the time by counting how many Range Rovers drove by (way too many in 45 minutes!).

At a coffee shop in Bebek, Istanbul

As always, we’re giving you an issue full of tempting destinations that will make you daydream about a holiday; or perhaps our stories will inspire you to fly away on an adventure of your own, living a ##Travelife.