Hair and makeup session at the Fen Dry Beauty Bar at The Standart Moscow

At the Fen Dry Bar of The Standart Moscow
Last night in Moscow, living a #Travelife, we went to the Bolshoi Theater to watch the ballet Les Sylphides in the New Theater. The Bolshoi has two theaters: the Historic Theater and the New Theater.
As we had excellent tickets — the best seats in the house — I decided to dress up and get my hair and makeup done. Fortunately, The Standart Moscow, Russia’s first design hotel, has a beauty salon on the third floor, so this was a very easy decision to make.

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Basically it was an elevator ride down to the Fen Dry Bar. Since this beauty salon opened at The Standart Moscow, many Moscow celebrities have been coming here for a quick shampoo and blow-dry, or to get their make up done for a nice dinner out.
My hair stylist at the Fen Dry Bar of The Standart Moscow
I can understand why. 
The Fen Dry Bar is stylish, relaxing and very private since it’s located in Moscow’s newest five-star hotel. So it’s a good choice for a hair and make-up session in Moscow.
One lady did my shampoo and then set my hair in curls. I was just planning to have a blow-dry but the manager suggested curling my hair in an intensive way; so I thought: “Why not?”
My makeup artist at the Fen Dry Bar of The Standart Moscow
Then another lady did my make-up. 
Again, there were so many choices for make-up styles and some of them were actually very amusing. One style was called something like “I woke up like this,” and I guess this meant a very natural style for make-up. 
This is usually my style, by the way, as I hardly ever wear make-up.
 At the Fen Dry Bar of The Standart Moscow
But as we were going to the Bolshoi for a ballet performance, and with very good seats, and then going out to dinner, I decided to opt for the more glamorous make-up look. The makeup artist suggested smokey eyes and red lips. Apparently, all the fashionable Moscow girls are wearing red lipstick these days.
So again, as I am in Moscow, I thought to myself: “Why not?”
It was a very different look from what I usually do, but it made for a rather fun start to a wonderful evening of culture and good food in Moscow, living a #Travelife.