Great Argentine rib-eye steaks at Gaucho in London

Last night in London, living a #Travelife, we all went out for an excellent steak dinner.

I really wanted to have steak from Argentina, you see, as this is hard to get outside of South America in general, but it is available in select Argentine restaurants in London.


There are lots of Argentine restaurants all over the world, but not very many actually serve beef straight from the pampas of Argentina.

Most restaurants serve beef in the Argentine-style instead.

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Gaucho in London is one of the few restaurants that serve real Argentine beef, and it’s a great favourite of some friends of mine.

I really like it too as the decor is chic black-and-white, the beef is excellent, and prices aren’t that bad by London standards.


The beef steaks served at Gaucho are flown in from Argentina, and they’re dry aged for 28 days.

I ordered a 300 gram rib-eye steak, although I was sorely tempted to order another kind of cut for 500 grams that was reportedly the top end of the rib-eye.


The beef was shown to us on a large wooden board, and this top cut of the rib-eye looked so appetizing.

I never order a 500 gram steak, but I was prepared to eat all of this one.

I could already tell that I would love it as this is the perfect combination for me: very tasty beef, but also slightly fatty beef, and it’s properly dry aged for 28 days.

Oh my goodness. Seventh heaven.

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But our server said to me: “I recommend the rib-eye. That other cut is just too fatty and too strong in flavour for me.

Maybe I’d had a glass of wine already by then, because I easily gave up on my first choice and just ordered the regular rib-eye. 

This is quite surprising as my friends all know that I very rarely listen to other people’s suggestions.


The rib-eye was excellent, but I just couldn’t get that top cut of a rib-eye out of my mind.

In fact I tried to find another available slot to eat at Gaucho again, just to have this top cut of a rib eye.

Unfortunately, my schedule is completely booked until I sail out of England, on just another wonderful trip in my never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife