Whale watching safari in Iceland

Going on a whale watching safari in Iceland. And about the delicious lobster season.

Whale watching safari in Iceland

In Reykjavik today, living a #Travelife, we spent the day sailing around the coast of Iceland looking for whales.

Whales abound in the waters of Iceland and so going on sea safaris is a very popular activity for tourists to Iceland, especially since it’s possible to see whales not very far from Reykjavik itself.


The weather was unusually fine for summer today and we were very lucky to spot a couple of whales.
Iceland is a very unpredictable country in terms of weather, by the way, but it’s as good as it will ever get in July. So IMHO, the best time to visit Iceland is in July, when it’s cold but not uncomfortable, and you can enjoy many activities outdoors.The flowers are all out as well, which can make this otherwise rather stark and surreal-looking country seem more colourful.

One other major plus for visiting Iceland in the summer is the fact that you will get lobsters in abundance. The lobster season in Iceland starts in April and ends in September, and Icelandic lobsters are small but very tasty.


You don’t get to see the Northern Lights in Iceland in July but you get to see everything else, as well as appreciate the beauty of this truly amazing country.
And this is why I love spending the summer in Iceland, living a #Travelife.