Getting my metabolic age down to 25, and skipping the beach walks for massages at the Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui.

So first thing Monday morning, in Koh Samui living a #Travelife, I see my “consultant” for a wellness assessment and detox consultation at the Absolute Sanctuary detox spa.

I take one trip a year by myself, and this is basically my solo trip for 2015, so I’m quite eager to make the most of it.

Every other trip for 2015 is booked up with other people, and happily so, including a big #Travelife to Morocco with 30 friends and a Christmas markets cruise in Europe with my neighbours.

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I chose the Absolute Sanctuary because it’s famous for its detox programs and for its Pilates and yoga boot camps — all music to my ears, of course. 
So I thought I’d get a jumpstart on these and get in a serious detox as well. 

Detoxing with lots of coconut juice as well
And hopefully lose just a few more stubborn kilos before I head to Manila to join the closing party of the Ambassador of Spain for Madrid Fusion Manila, and to attend a private dinner by one of the visiting Michelin-starred chefs
Then 36 hours later, I’m going to be back in Africa’s wilderness, still living a #Travelife.

Michelin three-star chefs Jose Mari and Elena Arzak,
reading #Travelife Magazine.
Elena Arzak, the world’s top female chef, is one of the chefs
participating in Madrid Fusion Manila 2015.
Anyway, back to my detox program at Absolute Sanctuary.
After getting all the measurements via a pretty sophisticated weighing machine that told me everything I needed to know about myself, the consultant said: “Well, your readings are excellent. Your metabolic age is 29.
I should actually be jumping up and down with that news — and, actually, I am quite pleased. 



But needing to always have a goal in mind, I’ve made up my mind to check out of this spa resort with the metabolic age of 25.
The consultant was quite amused with my pretty straightforward goals. She said: “You can probably do that by increasing your cardio activities and water intake,  and following the detox program because everything else seems very good.

I just love this footbath…
Well, I can tell you, the Pilates sessions so far are really good but they are certainly not a piece of cake, even if I’ve been doing Pilates for quite awhile now. 
As for the 7 AM beach walks and the 8 AM morning yoga, I simply can’t wake up at 7 AM for some reason even if I’ve been going to bed at 10 PM every night — sleeping early probably for the first time in my life.


So I’ve decided to take it a little easier. 
More Thai massages and magnesium foot baths, and less huffing and puffing around the block. And a couple of laps around the pool at sunset.

Then maybe I’ll just run after a couple of zebras and giraffes in Africa next week to make up for my happy laziness this week, always living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.