Rare Don PX wines from Spain

A million dreams and a rare Don PX wine from Spain

The Frequent Flier Christine Cunanan

In beautiful Spain last year, I found rare vintages of a special wine called Don PX. It was winter and as the weather was fine, I’d spent the morning walking around the majestic town of Zaragoza in the province of Aragon. In between sightseeing, I entered fine wine shops looking for bottles of Pingus, one of the top wineries of Spain.

A million dreams and a rare Don PX wine from Spain


Pingus is located near the city of Valladolid. On my last stay in Valladolid, I visited this winery. Pingus is extremely secretive and everyone said it was impossible to meet the winemaking team. But, as close friends know, “impossible” is not a word in my vocabulary. So I arranged a visit and spent the afternoon with their winemaker.

The winemaker of Pingus in Spain

I’ve been hooked on Pingus ever since, but their good vintages are very hard to come by. The owner of the best wine shop in Zaragoza said to me: “I have one Pingus, but it’s not the vintage you want. And it’s at home.”


A million dreams and a rare Don PX wine from Spain

So I ended up buying a bottle of local liqueur that he strongly recommended. Then, just as I was leaving, I espied two exquisite little bottles, closeted like jewelry in cushioned black boxes. These were lying on a counter table. I’d never seen anything like these.

“What are those?” I asked the shop owner.

“Aah. Those are the most amazing dessert wines in the world,” he replied. “They were made in a very special way by a boutique winery. Quite possibly, these are the last bottles in Spain.”

The wines were of a 1965 and a 1973 vintage. And since such small batches of these wines were made, this isn’t hard to believe. Of course I had to have them, after a little haggling with the calculator over the price, of course.

A million dreams and a rare Don PX wine from Spain


As I left the shop, I asked the shop owner: “How long will these wines keep?” The owner replied: “Oh, these wines will easily keep for another hundred years.”

Then he added with a smile: “These bottles of Don PX truly are special wines. They’re pure magic. Simply indescribable. Open a bottle when all your dreams have come true. And think of Spain, when you do so.” 

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