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Meet the magic superstar at Resorts World Manila in March

Everyone is familiar with stage magic—the kind that makes a subject float on air; command a vehicle to vanish in an instant; or even saw a lovely assistant in half. But what’s gaining attention nowadays is upclose magic, which uses an intimate setting and combines mentalism, sleight-of-hand, and cardistry. 

magic superstar DJT
Upclose magic creator and superstar Diamond Jim Tyler (DJT)

About the upclose magic superstar

This March, witness the performances of upclose magic creator and superstar Diamond Jim Tyler (DJT) when he visits Manila.  A multi-awarded performer, his work has certainly been recognized by the Texas Association of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  Plus, his act has also been featured at the Improv, The Magic Circle in London and the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California on numerous occasions.

DJT, as those in the field of magic would call him, learned his first tricks at the tender age of 5, when he came across a book on card tricks entitled Magic with Cards (by Garcia Schindler).  From that time on, the magic superstar never stopped at honing his craft–initially working at a local magic shop and eventually putting himself through college by performing at private parties, local restaurants and for various company functions. By investing almost his whole lifetime to magic, DJT has brought himself to the level of being one of the world’s best in his field and as someone that other magicians look up to for inspiration.

More than what he does on stage, DJT is a prolific writer.  In fact, his book “Pockets Full of Miracles: Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up Magician,” which is among six he has written, is a classic in the world of conjure. 

Additionally, DJT also gives private lessons and group lectures, invents routines and markets magic effects all over the world.  His footprint has covered thirty countries across the globe.  Already a master in field of magic, he shows no signs of stopping from surpassing his already stellar achievements. 

“I have been blessed with a talent that amuses and amazes people.  I have a lifetime of experience under my belt and yet I continually strive to make myself and my act better that the day before.  The artist in me has always loved magic and I know that it shows each time I perform,“ he reasons. “Plus, I figure God is watching us so I might as well be entertaining,” he quickly adds.

About the upclose magic shows

This March, this world-renowned “Close-Up Magic Superstar” makes a much-anticipated appearance on a very limited engagement, at Resorts World Manila.  This early, only 2 of his 5 shows are available; proof of just how magic fans are excitedly waiting to witness DJT’s brand of magic upclose and personal.  Additionally, those interested to catch him may check out for ticket reservations and details.  The DJT limited engagement close-up magic performance series is brought to you in partnership with Resorts World Manila and Sheraton Manila. 

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