So last night in Tokyo, living a #Travelife, we had dinner with my neighbours. The husband is one of these Masters of the Universe guys, and it was lots of fun, as always.


It’s really a different and interesting world with these types, and my neighbourhood is full of them.


The Lyonnaise salad
at the French bistro last night

These Masters of the Universe think big, talk big and act big, so that some people might think they’re being quite boastful — when they’re actually not.

For example, I’ve heard him discussing whether to put one waterfall or two waterfalls in a corner of one of his weekend houses in Japan, and whether the stereo speakers in this particular property should be extended all the way to the gate instead of just around the main house, guest houses and pools, so that you can hear George Michael on the CD, for instance, as soon as you drive through the gate.

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No kidding.

He has a massive estate by the beach, and you can hear the music he plays on a system so nicely that it’s like you’re in his living room, when you’re actually having drinks and barbecue by one of the swimming pools.

In fact, you can hear the music from everywhere on the estate via state-of-the-art speakers, hidden underground with some fantastic technology. 
So you’re walking through his private forest, and you can hear George Michael everywhere. It’s all rather surreal, actually, especially when you realise you’re in Japan, 45 minutes from Tokyo.

And last night, his wife mentioned how she was thinking of putting out an IPO in Tokyo for her own very successful company; and in front of us, he’d said: “Why would you want to do that? We certainly don’t need the money.

But in reality, they’re not really trying to impress anyone because most people around them talk and act this same way in Tokyo.





Last night, we went to a very popular but inexpensive French bistro for dinner.

It’s almost impossible to get a reservation here  and especially as we had decided to go at the very last minute, but he was able to swing a table for four at 6 PM.

That’s very early of course, but it wasn’t a big deal and we had a nice time.




And then, more characteristic of everyone at dinner last night, we then walked over to one of Tokyo’s nicest French restaurants.

It’s in a very old house with a lovely garden, and we all wish this house would be put up for sale as we would all be falling all over each other to get first dibs at it. 

It used to be an ambassador’s home during the Taisho era and it’s the only restaurant in central Tokyo with a garden of this significance. 

But right now and for many decades now, it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant that’s relatively under the radar with foreigners.



I’ve lived in this same neighbourhood ever since I can remember and it’s been there since the very beginning.

Every time I go, the food is excellent so I don’t know why it’s not more on the radar of all these foodies visiting Japan from overseas, because it certainly is on the radar for us locals.

And the few times I’ve taken friends from Manila to this restaurant, they’ve loved it and they can’t believe such a place exists in Tokyo.



Well, last night, Mr. Master of the Universe decided that we should all go there for champagne, port, cheese and dessert after our cheap-ish bistro meal.

We were all in casual clothes and two of our party were even in shorts as it was already a cool summer kind of evening and we’d just gone to a bistro down the road from our neighborhood. 

Interestingly, this French restaurant is quite formal — the type of place you’d go to for your 50th birthday or your 25th wedding anniversary — so shorts are definitely out of place.




It’s also an incredibly snobby place as the Who’s Who of Japan have been going there for generations; but as Mr. Master of the Universe considers this his kitchen, we went straight into the garden, shorts and all, and no one stopped us.

And as soon as we sat down, he started ordering the waiters around as if he’d hired them himself. 

He’s probably their best customer anyway. Frankly, I don’t think the rest of us could have sat in the garden in shorts and loafers just for dessert and drinks if Mr. Master of the Universe hadn’t been around.

It was a beautiful night, and we had such a nice time in the garden of this fancy French restaurant, talking about Travel and Life, and living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.