Delicious food in Istanbul at Meze by Lemon Tree

Delicious food in Istanbul at Meze by Lemon Tree

Meze by Lemon Tree in Istanbul
This post is about the delicious food in Istanbul, at Meze by Lemon Tree, one of the best restaurants in Istanbul. 
It’s casual and relaxed, just in front of the Pera Palas, which is a hotel full of memories for me, and I come here for dinner whenever I have an opportunity on one of my countless trips to Turkey, living a #Travelife.
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Well, this trip is more special than most, as it’s my birthday week. 
Mr. X asked me where wanted to go for my birthday, as he was happy to take me literally anywhere in the world. My choices included a cruise, a safari, a favourite hotel in Sri Lanka, and a couple of exotic destinations including Turkey
Then fate played a hand and I found myself flying to Russia — this is actually where my birthday started — and driving across the border from St. Petersburg to Tallinn. Then, from there, it made the most wonderful sense to just meet up in Istanbul.


For some reason, and I can’t explain why as I have literally been to Istanbul so many times that I’ve lost count, I wanted to go to Istanbul.

So in Istanbul for my birthay week,  living a #Travelife, one of the restaurants we decided to return to was Meze by Lemon Tree.
Meze by Lemon Tree has been a very well-regarded restaurant on the Istanbul foodie scene for years, and I wanted to see if anything had changed. Meze is a very casual and fun restaurant, and the waitstaff explain everything with great clarity.


This ceviche was one of my favourites
at Meze by Lemon Tree in Istanbul
Happily, the food is still as good as ever, with Meze cold and hot appetizers made fresh everyday from about 3 PM. We also ordered a host of wonderful main dishes too. 
Meze by Lemon Tree in Istanbul

We tried almost every appetizer on offer, literally pointing at everything we could see.
Then, for the main courses, we ordered the monkfish, a seafood rice dish which was probably the big surprise of the evening for us, and a fall-off-the-bone type of lamb.

All very good in their own ways, that I now wish I had eaten more of these.

Delicious monkfish in a creamy sauce
at Meze by Lemon Tree in Istanbul

The dessert deserves special mention, as it was the most unusual dessert I had ever seen or tasted recently. They offered us a lot of desserts but we were so full that we decided to just share one dessert.

“Give us your best dessert,” we said to the manager.

An apple and cream dessert combined in some pie with chili, arrived resulting in a mix of the most interesting flavours.
Apple with chili for dessert
Meze by Lemon Tree in


Lots of people have been asking me how Istanbul is, in the light of the bombings and some unfortunate incidents. There has been drop in tourism, but those tourists that have decided to continue with their plans — like us — sure are the luckier for it. Less crowds, more sales, and more of everything. 
In fact, I think I want to go again to Istanbul before the year is up.
There are no guarantees anywhere but so far we have been in Istanbul for a week and have yet to feel any type of unpleasantness or danger whatsoever. There are fewer tourists but otherwise Istanbul is its old wonderful self, the same city that has survived the ages.