Crab soup and fish for lunch at Reykjavik Harbour in Iceland

In ever so peaceful and lovely Reykjavik yesterday, living a #Travelife, we had lunch at a pretty restaurant right by Reykjavik harbour with a view of boats and the mountains of Iceland beyond.



Iceland is a pretty laid-back country and this situation has its share of good points and bad points. The upside is that everything is calm, people are friendly and it’s one of the loveliest places to de-stress in the world.

In Iceland, you have amazing nature all around and so much bounty in terms of food. The best seafood is available in the nearby seas and rivers, including wild salmon from the inland rivers, and organic vegetables are grown in geothermal-powered greenhouses while lamb is fed on organic Angelina herbs resulting in sweet and tender meat.


And I specifically chose yesterday’s seafood restaurant for lunch with a group of truly wonderful and fun friends who’d traveled with me to this edge of the world for a #Travelife because it has very unique decor, a killer view and great food.

Yesterday’s lunch at Reykjavik Harbour certainly didn’t disappoint.

The crab soup was perhaps the best we’d had so far on this trip to Iceland, and the fish was baked and then served with a heavy cream sauce that was absolutely delicious, making for another pretty enjoyable day in my never-ending #Travelife.