Chicken pastilla and lamb tagine for a last dinner in Marrakech at the Riad Kniza

In Morocco with our Travelife Magazine readers and friends, living a Travelife, we had a wonderful dinner somewhere every night.

Last night, we had the best pastilla I have ever tasted in Morocco, to start a gastronomic meal at the Riad Kniza.

“This was the best trip ever.”

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regarding the Travelife to Morocco,
November 2014


I’d asked the riad to make a chicken pastilla instead of a typical pigeon pastilla, and it was so perfectly done.

The crust was soft, flaky and crispy, and inside was very tender and tasty chicken meat.

The entire pastry is sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon, so ordinarily I don’t like this dish as it’s way too sweet to be savoury for me.

But I ordered it last night so everyone could taste a traditional Moroccan dish. And boy, was it good.

Even I ate everything, and I’ll certainly come back to eat here at the charming Riad Kniza again.

We also had an excellent lamb couscous and then a killer dessert of a sweet pastilla to end.


The conversation last night was also one of the best we’ve ever had on this trip, already full of good conversation.

We were supposed to have a quick and early dinner since we’re out the hotel and on to the airport very early back to Asia today. 



I shouldn’t even be blogging as I’m still trying to pack all my shopping into my bags.

But instead we stayed up talking until very late last night, until everyone else had gone home, talking about the joys of a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Comments on our Travelife to Morocco
November 2014
“Delicious is an understatement on this trip.
Everything is a feast for the senses.”

“This trip has exceeded all my expectations.”

“Travelife hit all the right points.”

“5 stars for the food.”

“I’m so glad I joined this trip.”

“I didn’t know what to expect.
But now I love Morocco.
What a destination.”


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