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Chicken on a Sunday at the original Savory in Chinatown

Chicken on a Sunday at the original Savory in Chinatown

Last Sunday in Manila, living a TRAVELIFE, I took an ambassador of a very important country to the Philippines and his wife to the Legazpi Village Market. And then we went for chicken on a Sunday at the original Savory in Chinatown.

If I’m in Manila, you’ll probably find me here at the Legazpi Village Market on a Sunday morning, stocking up on organic vegetables and foodstuffs, as well as massage oils and aromatherapy scents. And I just happened to be in Manila last weekend; so I invited this ambassador and his wife to come along with me.

We all had a very nice time, and I got my fix of freshly-made vegetable juices and sugarcane juices as well.


Then, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Chinatown as they had never been. As for me, I hadn’t been in a very long time. We were all in agreement that we wanted chicken on a Sunday at the original Savory in Chinatown.

So off we went on just like that, doing a Travelife to Chinatown and driving up the Jones Bridge that gives you a nice view of Pasig River as you enter Chinatown.

As we entered Chinatown, I pointed out the old Savory restaurant on the right.

I said to them: “That place serves good chicken.”

I’d never been to that particular Savory in Chinatown, but I’d once eaten a takeout of chicken from the Savory in Makati, which is geographically closer to us and more contemporary as well. Someone had served it at an impromptu neighborhood dinner. It was delicious and light compared to the deep-fried chicken you can find in most places, and I’d had it with calamansi and soy sauce.


Then it was soon lunchtime and we were still in Chinatown and rather hungry, so the ambassador took me up on my recommendation.

He said: “Shall we eat at Savory then?”

Feeling quite adventurous myself, I happily agreed. So again, off we went to make a u-turn around the church and to return to the red Chinatown gate to eat at Savory.


I had never been to this Savory, and I didn’t think I would ever do so in my life. But there I was, last Sunday. Entering the restaurant, it was dark and quite full, but we eventually found a table on the side which needed drying up and a bit of fly-swatting.

None of us had any previous Savory experience so we looked at the menu and ended up ordering all the dishes on the menu that had the word “ORIGINAL” in front of it. As in Savory Original Fried Chicken, Savory Original Pata Tim, Savory Original Fried Rice, etc. I didn’t think we could go wrong with any dish that had the words Original in front of it.

What do you know? We were very happily surprised at the tastiness of the dishes. We had second and even third helpings of everything — there went my diet — and in the middle of it all, the ambassador confirmed that he was enjoying the meal immensely.


And then we left Chinatown to head back to our part of town. As we exited the restaurant, full of hungry diners oblivious to the rather important person walking past them, I said to the ambassador: “You’re probably the first ambassador to ever eat here.

Yes, this ambassador whom so many top politicians and big businessmen want to be friends with, had eaten anonymously at a rather greasy table at the original Savory, and enjoyed the experience.

He smiled and replied: “I’m almost sure.”

And stuff like this, too, are part of a never-endingly eventful Travelife.



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