Chapter 2 of the Korean drama in Sigiriya, and seeing the Indian Ocean again.

Some of Travelife’s readers and friends
take a break from hard-core shopping in Colombo

Today, in Colombo, living a Travelife, there were a couple of comments from my traveling companions when I got on the bus for our day of shopping.

Lots of people on the bus had read my blog entry yesterday about my friend Mr. Millionaire and my other friend Charming Lady, who are with us in Sri Lanka, and who were the key characters in a major Korean telenovela yesterday.

Anyway, they all felt I’d underrated my friend Mr. Millionaire by calling him a “millionaire” when it should have been closer to “Mr. Billionaire.

I replied: “I just thought ‘Mr. Millionaire’ was catchier.”

When you start writing someone as “Mr. Billionaire,” after all, lots of people will start focusing on the money rather than on the story itself.


Mr. Millionaire himself had no comment on this.

When I looked at him, already seated in the bus, he was pretending not to listen to this conversation about him. In fact, he was playing a game on his phone.

Meanwhile, Charming Lady had recovered enough of her old self yesterday, after the Korean telenovela on top of Sigiriya Rock, to focus on the great shopping at hand in Colombo.

And, as any girl will tell you, the prospect of a day of shopping (plus a good breakfast in Sri Lanka’s best hotel, I might add) is a pretty effective balm for any broken heart.

We flew Thai Airways
to Sri Lanka via Bangkok.

But yesterday, it was certainly chaos on top of Sigiriya and in the bus all the way to Colombo.

That’s a five-hour drive, by the way. So imagine it as a five-hour Korean telenovela.

That’s some of Travelife’s readers and friends
jumping on top of Sigiriya Rock

Charming Lady was ranting and raving about this one-way road to love.

She was especially incensed because she’d actually shared her last stomach antacid with Mr. Millionaire as a gesture of affection; and then she was repaid with a full view of him exchanging email addresses with this Korean girl he’d met just ten minutes before.

Charming Lady almost cried out: “This is how you repay my generosity?”


Then she added the line I’ve already shared in a previous blog entry.

She’d practically cried out: “”It took three years for you to give me your email address, and I had to even ask it from you. Then this girl from Korea comes along and you’re exchanging email addresses with her in minutes. What does she have that I don’t? She couldn’t even spell your name right.”

That’s some of Travelife’s readers and friends at Dambulla Caves…

Then came the clincher. Mr. Millionaire was eventually forced to say something. He told her: “I didn’t ask her for her email. She’d ask for my email, and actually I gave her the wrong email address.”

Aha, I thought to myself. The plot thickens.


But so typical of him actually, as he’s a really private and guarded person.

We all tried to pyscho-analyze him on the bus, on the way to Colombo, and all the while he was good-naturedly listening to our discussion about him. And we concluded (humorously) that it’s not his heart he’s guarding, but his money.

You know how it is with guys who own a bunch of big houses in pretty nice neighborhoods. Everyone wants a piece of them, and don’t they know it.

Scroll down to read more about the Korean telenovela…


Anyway, this is when I just had to butt in and advise Charming Lady. I said to her: “You’d better check that email address he gave you after three years. It might have been wrong too.”

Charming Lady looked like she got struck by lightning. Call it an epiphany.

She replied: “OMG, that’s right. I’ve never actually emailed him. He may have given me the wrong address too.”

As usual, Mr. Millionaire didn’t say anything at all.

He just grinned and then went back to playing a game on his phone, leaving us all guessing about whether Charming Lady and the Korean girl would be sending emails to the wrong guy.

Some of Travelife’s readers and friends
climbing up Sigiriya Rock

And, on this note, we’re ending tonight’s chapter of the Korean telenovela.

It’s been a wonderful day here in Colombo, and all that shopping has been extremely therapeutic even for me.

And then after dinner and drinks at the bar, a couple of us had walked down to the promenade of the lovely Galle Face Hotel to see and feel the powerful waves of the Indian Ocean lashing against the hotel walls.

A view of the Indian Ocean from my hotel room

The last time I’d seen the Indian Ocean was on a two-week trip to South Africa last November.

My friend had booked this restaurant months in advance and it had been on both of our foodie bucket lists for this trip.

The wait was worth it. We’d had a really nice lunch at one of South Africa’s best restaurants, where we’d gotten the best table in the house and had a very memorable meal.

*     *     *

Read about this meal
and some of the best restaurants and hotels in Cape Town
in the February-March issue
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*     *     *

After this, we’d driven all the way to the Cape of Good Hope to see the exact point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet.

A great meal at one of South Africa’s best restaurants,
before driving to the Cape of Good Hope

And on the return, we’d driven along the coast, past picturesque towns and lovely bays, talking and laughing as if there was never going to be an end to our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

PS: This blog entry was written with the permission of Mr. Millionaire and Charming Lady…