Cafe Royal: A new luxury hotel with the best location in London

Walking along Regent Street last week,
living a #Travelife

In London for one week, living a #Travelife, I decided to skip my usual favourites and try a new hotel that had been receiving great reviews.

It’s called the Cafe Royal, a member hotel of the Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), located along Regent Street, literally 10 seconds from Piccadilly Circus.

In fact, I could see Piccadilly Circus from my suite, although happily I could hear not any sound from it as the double windows make the rooms practically soundproof.


If you know London, you’ll know there hasn’t been a real luxury hotel in this part of town for a long time — meaning right at the outskirts of the West End, which is London’s theater district.

The nearest luxury hotels were the Ritz, which is also a great favourite of mine, and Brown’s.

However, these hotels are quite old-fashioned and classic in style, so if you like the 21st century conveniences of a chic hotel, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Spending part of the summer in England,
living a #Travelife…

Wow, Cafe Royal hits all the right spots. 

I chose it because of the rave reviews, as I’ve already written, and because it’s relatively reasonable compared to other hotels in this same general five-star deluxe category.

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Nothing in London is cheap and hotel room rates are simply prohibitive, so Cafe Royale isn’t inexpensive.

But you might say it’s a good deal, comparing it to other similar class hotels in London. And I know this because I looked online everywhere before we decided on this hotel.

Great cupcakes at Cafe Royale…

Well, our one-week stay at the Cafe Royal was certainly better than expected. 

It’s not a big hotel nor an especially glamorous ones, but it’s chic and luxurious in an understated way, and the suites are big, especially considering the perpetual space issue in London.


The location was perfect for a theater buff like me, and it wasn’t at all bad for shopping as well.

It’s sale season in London and, apart from Regent Street, the famous shopping streets like Bond Street, New Bond Street and Oxford Street are all walking distance.

So I think we only took a car around the city once, and this was to get to Victoria Station to catch the British Pullman. The rest of the time, we just walked to everywhere we wanted to go to.


After one week of staying here, too, I can say that the breakfasts are wonderful and the staff is among the best I’ve encountered in London.

No kidding.

I’m quite exacting about hotel services, and everyone from check-in to concierge (especially Cafe Royal’s head concierge) to housekeeping, the doormen and the breakfast staff were just great.

This really felt like a home away from home, on a long-overdue trip to London, living a never-ending #Travelife. We’re definitely going to be back here sometime sooner than later…