Brunch at the W Taipei

Brunch at the W Taipei

The W Taipei 10F kitchen table restaurant is offering a “Good Day, My Brunch Bae!” buffet to warm up your weekend.

The “Good Day, My Brunch Bae!” provides a seafood and meat selection to fuel up your energy. The “Bloody Mary DIY Bar” offers 3 different bases, including spicy tomato juice, smoked bacon infused vodka Bloody Mary, and seafood infused vodka Bloody Mary. Guests may mix the base with fresh ingredients such as shrimps, oysters, celery and bacon to create your own special weekend fuel drink.

Brunch at the W Taipei


Besides the DIY cocktail, the “Seafood Scramble Station” serves Boston lobster and Alaskan king crab scramble with toasted brioche, American caviar, and truffle-citrus crème fraiche.

The “Raw Bar” presents freshly shucked French oysters, King crab legs, blue crab, scallop, snow crab claws and more.

The “Hot Station” provides Alaskan king crab cakes, braised tripe, California spiced BBQ baby back ribs, ricotta and spinach cannelloni and more.

Brunch at the W Taipei


The “Chef’s Surf and Turf” station provides grill upon order, where guests may choose wide selections from Cajun spiced prawn, Japanese scallop, beef tenderloin, lamb chop and Taiwanese black pork chop and the final dish shall be delivered to you.


For the sweet tooth, try their new desserts at the dessert station: “Sicilia fruit candy ricotta cake” and “coconut chia and raspberry rice pudding.” They also have “pancakes with foie gras and red wine raspberry sauce” and “coulant au chocolate.