Breakfasts around the world, so far in 2014. And the joys of amlou.

Breakfast at the Palais Amani in Fez, Morocco
last June 2014

The last eight months of a never-ending Travelife have taken me to places as disparate as Cape Town and the Cape winelands in South Africa to Surabaya, Indonesia.

The latter is near the erupting Mount Kelud, that covered much of East Java in ash. We were in Surabaya just 24 hours before the eruption.

Wagyu hash at Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore

In these eight months, I’ve also stayed in some of the most beautiful and interesting hotels and resorts on the planet.

And of course enjoyed some of the most delicious and innovative breakfasts on the planet as well.

Breakfast at the Royal Mansour in Marrakech
last June 2014


If you ask me about my favourite breakfast in a lifetime full of amazing and amazingly good breakfasts, people who really know me will tell you I’m really a creature of habit, even if I’m on a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

The eggs benedict at Fordoun
in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
last May

Or perhaps I’m a creature of habit because I’m on a never-ending Travelife?

When your days are full of change, sometimes you want something that’s always the same to literally anchor you to the ground.


Fresh fruits and cereals at Grootbos Natural Reserve,
Ovenberg Bay, South Africa

Either way, I always have a pitcher of raw juices to start, followed by a plate of fruits, and then a nice hot meal like a plate of eggs benedict made with smoked salmon.

Spanish breakfast at the Maria Cristina
in San Sebastian, Spain
July 2014

Eggs benedict is my favourite breakfast dish, and I’ll almost always have this with salmon rather than ham or bacon, when available.

Breakfast buffet at 54 on Bath, Johannesburg in January 2014.
This is where Travelife Magazine readers also stayed last May.


For some strange reason, I like to have bread at the end. If I’m on holiday, I have half a croissant and a plate of cheese.

The best scrambled eggs I’ve had,
at Domaine les Crayeres in Champagne, France
July 2014


If I’m in South Africa, I always have a pot of rooibos tea. And if I’m somewhere where they have good Pu-Erh tea, I always have Pu-Erh tea.

Otherwise in Europe, I have a pot of herbal infusion.

The fruit buffet at a Small Luxury Hotels property
in the Loire Valley 

July 2014


On holiday in Morocco last June, we had very nice vegetable stews occasionally at breakfast, along with lots of salads and hummus.

We also discovered a very delicious paste called amlou, which Moroccans eat with their bread. It’s made with almond paste, spices, honey and argan oil, and it has the consistency of gooey peanut butter.

Healthy breakfast at the pretty out-of-this-world
Dar Ahlam in Morocco
June 2014


I made my own at home when a jar I brought back from Morocco last June ran out, and it was very good.

I was happy to be able to adjust the flavours to how I like it, instead of eating someone else’s formula. This way, too, I was able to use good ingredients like organic raw honey and organic almonds.

Nobu fruit plate for a first course at breakfast
onboard Qatar Airways Doha-Manila
June 2014


In Morocco, living a Travelife, we had this almost every morning, after we discovered it one day for breakfast at the Four Seasons Marrakech. 

One of the waiters gave us a pot of it to have with some freshly baked Arabic bread, and it was love at first bite.

Oysters, fresh fruits and seeds & nuts
at the One & Only Cape Town

January 2014

So in this blog entry, I’ve posted some of the delicious breakfasts I’ve had, in the last 30 days of a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

Even just for breakfast, it’s truly been an amazing Travelife.

Red velvet pancakes
at Morrell’s Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg
May 2014

Gado gado at the Villa Mathis in Bali
February 2014

Banana french toast in Johannesburg
May 2014
Rooibos tea and smoked salmon in a jar
at Majeka House, Cape Town

January 2014
Breakfast with the works
onboard the Silver Shadow of Silversea
from Bali to Singapore

February 2014
Nasi lemak in Singapore
February 2014
Jamon, cheese and smoked salmon
at Birkenhead House, South Africa

January 2014