Breakfast at the Galaxy Hotel in Heraklion, on the island of Crete. And all about the great shopping in Crete.

In Crete recently, living a Travelife, we spent some time in the city of Heraklion to see the most important archeological sites on the island.

Crete is very famous for its beautiful coastline and luxurious resorts with killer views. These are all on the other side of the island from Heraklion, at least one hour’s drive away.

This is where most tourists go, when they visit Crete. And this is also where I spent two weeks, on my first visit to Crete many years ago.

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However, beautiful as Crete’s resorts are, we actually flew to Crete to see the Temple of Knossos, which is one of the most important archeological sites in Greece and certainly the key palace of the Minoan people.

I also wanted to see the newly-renovated archeological museum of Heraklion.

The latter contains some of the most important finds related to the ancient Minoan culture.

Our guide at the museum


Besides, we were off to Santorini for a stay in one of the best villas of Santorini, after Crete, so we decided to skip the resorts of Crete and just stay in the city of Heraklion for this visit.

Sunset in Santorini, living a Travelife

We really enjoyed our stay here, especially as Heraklion also has an ancient market that is so full of wonderful things to buy.


How fun it is to shop for unique things when you’re traveling.

I bought more black dresses here for my new all-black wardrobe, and loaded up on all these fantastic organic skin care products which I just can’t resist.

My luggage practically weighed a ton after this visit to Heraklion.

The food at the Per Se restaurant
of the Galaxy Hotel
was really delicious.

Our base for our stay in Heraklion was the Galaxy Hotel, a five-star hotel that’s right on the city’s main fashionable street and considered the best hotel of Heraklion.

I chose it because it had high user ratings online, and we were certainly not disappointed.

It’s not a resort because it’s right in the middle of busy Heraklion.

Rather, it’s a small contemporary hotel but the suites are very comfortable and the staff are absolutely wonderful and warm.

The owner of the Galaxy Hotel
even came over to say hello to us over lunch

I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world, but not too many have rivalled the Galaxy Hotel in terms of the warmth of the staff.


We also loved the breakfast buffet at the Galaxy Hotel.

This is a mix of Western and Greek food.

It had lots of Cretan specialties, too, which made me very happy, as the Cretan diet of fresh fruits and vegetables combined with lots of olive oil is world-famous as the key to good health and long life for the people of Crete.

Of course I had my requisite cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as my Greek yoghurt drizzled with organic honey.


But what was new on the menu was the local specialty made of double-baked bread topped with freshly-chopped tomatoes, oregano, olive oil and a little salt.

Absolutely delicious, especially as the tomatoes of Greece are just so flavourful.

The Cretans usually have this as a snack at anytime of the day, but I loved making this myself and having this first thing in the morning.

And this wonderful breakfast everyday gave me energy for the rest of my days in Crete, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.