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On my recent holiday in Russia, we were determined to find the best restaurant in Vladivostok. We looked at all the English and Russian websites for good restaurants. After reading through a few websites, we found several restaurants that looked interesting enough.


The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafood


From these, we chose one in the city centre for our last lunch in Vladivostok. It looked like an upscale restaurant that served both seafood and steak. Vladivostok, and the Primorsky region that governs it, are known for seafood and meat.


The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafood

“Let’s walk by the marina for a bit before lunch,” my companion said. So off we went to the marina for a last look at the Japan Sea from the Russian side. The marina was quite busy as it was a holiday. Fortunately, we found parking next to a restaurant.


The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafoodHowever, the minute we saw the restaurant, we both knew this was definitely the best restaurant in Vladivostok. I sensed it the minute I took the restaurant design and the clients coming in and out.

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“This is definitely the best restaurant,” I said. “I can’t understand why it’s not on the websites.”

Perhaps it had just opened because it was entirely off our radar. So of course we decided to postpone our walk. Instead we went right in and get the next available table. It was pretty early so there were still one or two tables that had not been reserved for lunch yet.


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The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafoodThe design of the restaurant was chic and Pan-Asian. So it was not exactly Russian. But one might argue that Vladivostok is really part of the Far East so a Pan-Asian look is quite appropriate.

The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafoodHowever, most appropriate was the delicious food. The chefs made use of the best local ingredients from the Primorsky Oblast and nearby Kamchatka. Then they created fusion food, Russian food, and a bit of Asian food from these.


The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafoodEverything on the menu looked delicious but we decided to try the chef’s best dishes. We had a thick lamb soup and very lightly grilled fresh scallops to start. Then we ordered the fresh seafood platter. All the dishes were so good and easily the seafood was probably among the best in Russia.

The best restaurant in Vladivostok for seafood“Whoever says there are no good restaurants in Vladivostok doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” I said. So far, we were happy with everything we found. Vladivostok does not have the variety of choices that Tokyo or Hong Kong does. But there is definitely a decent enough variety to be happy for a week of good eating, living a #Travelife.