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Ayala Malls x Artkitektura

Ayala Malls, an avid advocate for sustainability, arts and culture, hosts a special project with Artkitektura Festival 2017, the first ever learning program in the Philippines that aims to educate and inspire the youth and professionals. The Artkitektura Festival brings to the forefront the idea that architecture can exist in harmony with nature and enhance the human experience. Architecture is more than just building a structure, it’s a responding to space and creating a conducive environment that promotes growth and harmony of all those who move and live within it.

“In all our developments, Ayala Malls always takes into consideration the environment we are present in. With Greenbelt, we preserved the park; in U.P. Town Center, Fairview Terraces, and Centrio in Cagayan de Oro we built our malls around the trees that have stood in that location for years. In our regional malls like Glorietta and Trinoma, we integrated greens through pocket and roof top gardens.” says Ayala Land Malls Inc. President, Rowena Tomeldan. “What distinguishes Ayala Malls from others is the amount of space we allocate to greenery.”

Ayala Malls not only takes the existing environment in consideration, they also are staunch supporters of sustainability. In 2016, Ayala Malls launched Blooms and the Organic Gardens– a campaign that is committed in the conservation of indigenous Philippine plants and growing organic herb and vegetable plants.

This August to October, Ayala Malls becomes the proud host and stage for the festival – the first of its kind in the country – that celebrates the holistic approaches to architecture and the built environment through a series of exhibitions and talks.

Architect Francisco “Bobby” Mañosa


When it comes to great architecture, what better way to kick off the festival then with an inspiring exhibition by no less than the master himself, Arch. Bobby Mañosa.

In two special exhibits to be held at Alabang Town Center Activity Center (Aug 6-17) and TriNoMa Cinema Lobby (Aug 18-Sept 9), Ayala Malls brings the tribute exhibit – “MAÑOSA: Beyond Architecture,” first launched at the National Museum last February – to the public. Mañosa, best known for his work on the Coconut Palace, Amanpulo and Pearl Farm resorts, is widely recognized as the country’s first and most stalwart champion of authentic Filipino architecture.

“MAÑOSA: Beyond Architecture” allows visitors a close inspection of his original drawings and models from his body of work, including plans and projects never before seen by the public. New and archival photographs, examples of vernacular materials, furniture, and interior elements, and audio-visual presentations will be shared, offering insight into his diverse practice.

“There was more to the man than what people saw him build — because his structures were also a process of building better lives.  He was an eager learner, an enthusiastic teacher, a compassionate & kind soul, an artist, a musician, a comedian, a painter, a positive thinker, a mentor, a Peter Pan, and a die-hard Filipino, which all played roles in his becoming a Visionary. Looking through his archives, made us realize that my father has been at this vision, for some 60 years.60 years of learning something new every day, not only about architecture and design, but about our land, our history, our people, our culture.

60 years of trying to develop and promote his definition of Filipino architecture and design.60 years of living it, learning it, and passing it on. It has been a great adventure for my dad, and a continuing journey for us. Several decades ago, it was his passion, and today it still continues to be our company’s mission”, shared Bobby’s daughter and Director of Interior Design of Mañosa & Co., Bambi Mañosa-Tanjutco during her welcoming remarks at the opening ceremonies of the exhibit in Alabang Town Center.

The exhibit  features Buhay ng Gawa (History & Practice), Diwa ng Anyo (Design), Danas ng Aliwalas (Experience of Space), Laroat Hiraya (Play and Imagination), Likas at Likha (Materials & Processes), Tagpuan ng Ugnayan (Setting of Social Interaction). In addition, the exhibit explores Mañosa’s other passions such as toy making, craft design and jazz music. Take pride in Mañosa’s proudly Filipino aesthetic, which best exemplifies organic architecture.


In addition to inspiring exhibitions and displays, Ayala Malls gifts its mall-goers with inspiring art installations that make us rethink of how we interact with space and how space impacts us.

Garden Soundscapes – a unique art installation design by Teresa Barozza, a sound artist, composer and recipient of the Ani ng Dangal Award from the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts – creates such an impactful surrounding in Greenbelt Park. Titled “Vocalizations,” the installation creates a truly unique, all-sensory experience, weaving together color, ambient sounds, and movement, which highlight how nature is very much alive and vibrant.

Garden Soundscapes 

Forty years ago, Greenbelt was home to over 500 different bird species that was thought to have disappeared with the aviary that housed them. But to this very day, bird species from the old aviary – the Oriole, Colasisi, White-Collared Kingfisher, and Zebra Dove, among others – can still be found in Greenbelt.

Combining the past with the present, by mixing real bird calls from birds that used to be in the Greenbelt aviary with the noise of the bustling city, the sound installation takes on an artistic approach to pay tribute to the history of Greenbelt. At the same time, it also acknowledges Ayala Mall’s sustainability efforts in preserving the park and its biodiversity, despite being at the middle of the Central Business District.

To the mall-going public, Soundscapes becomes an invitation to become aware of how actions and reactions, internal and external triggers, sound and silence, past and present, nature and urban life, create complex sense experiences. Listen to the sounds of the “wild” and catch the surreal experience nightly (6 to 9 PM), from August 8 to October 8, 2017.

Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP) exhibit titled, “Silya” highlighting Filipino, organic design on the same level, presenting award-winning chair designs made from native/ organic materials.


Artkitektura 2017 will also showcase other works of Filipino ingenuity side by side international design, at the Greenbelt 5 Gallery from Aug 22 to Sept 10. This exciting digital exhibition is a preview of the 50 contemporary worldwide expressions of organic architecture, seamlessly integrating innovative design with nature, which is on display at the Ayala Museum. In addition, the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP) will be adding the local touch with their own exhibit, “Silya” highlighting Filipino, organic design on the same level, presenting award-winning chair designs made from native/ organic materials. Passersby are invited to take a seat and see for themselves how furniture influences mood and movement within a space

CFIP will also be hosting talks with featured designers on the weekends of August to September at the Greenbelt Gallery.

Swatches of materials used in various Mañosa projects


Join the audience and be part of the exciting series of lectures, panel discussions, and conversations to be held at the Ayala Museum from August 24 to 27. Architecture students, practitioners and designers can learn and listen from industry leaders and renowned names in architecture who have made a mark in their respective countries. The panel includes Gregory Burgess (who will head the talk “Working with Living Architecture”), Richard Coleman (“Learning from Heritage Townscapes”), Luis Lopez (“Bamboo, Material of the Future”), Nicanor Perlas (“The 12 Senses and the Environment”), Nicolas Pople (“Design Process and Sustainable Design”) and Pieter van der Ress (“Philosophy of Living Architecture”). Beyond the books, these experts share keen insight on how to practice architecture and create truly reflective and impactful spaces.

Touring the English speaking world for the first time and launching in Ayala Museum, a highly visual International Exhibition on Living Architecture will be held simultaneous with the talks. This exhibit is curated by Pieter van der Ree and commissioned by Iona Stichting, a foundation based in the Netherlands.

Through Artkitektura Festival, Ayala Malls proves that is it not merely a destination, but a platform for engagement. As a staunch support of arts and culture and design, Ayala Malls commits to bringing the public more opportunities for learning and appreciation, and elevating the overall mall-experience.

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