An Ottoman Empire-inspired lunch at Asitane in Istanbul

Lunch at Asitane yesterday in Istanbul,
living a Travelife…

Yesterday in Istanbul, living a #Travelife, we had lunch at Asitane, which is one of the Turkish restaurants you must try at least once when you are in this city.

I’ve been to Asitane about five times and I like coming here because Asitane is the most serious restaurant in Turkey, if not in the world, for sampling food almost exactly as what was relished by the sultans and those in the royal palaces during the days of the Ottoman Empire.


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The people behind Asitane spent years researching the menus and recipes of the sultans, and they have done so with great devotion.

They also only use local ingredients and try to use materials as close to the originals as possible.


Since they began this quest, many copycat restaurants have sprouted up and you will see ads for them in the tourism magazines of Istanbul.

However, Asitane is the original one, as well as the one to do the time for painstaking researching.

I began visiting Asitane many years ago.

And one year, we even brought close to 70 of our #Travelife Magazine readers and friends here for dinner. It’s not only a gustatory experience, but a historical and cultural one.

In other words, the kind of dinner I would recommend for a #Travelife.


Not every dish is to my taste, to tell you the truth. But most of it is good, and some of it — like the warm almond soup — is simply divine.

This has been on the menu of Asitane ever since I can remember.

And I love going here just because there is no other place in the world where you can relive the food that passed through the kitchens and was served on the tables of sultans at the Topkapi Palace or Edirne Palace, except at Asitane in Istanbul, living a #Travelife.