An Arctic summer, deciding on lobster or lamb for dinner, and the upcoming bloodbath in the global stock markets.

Good afternoon from the edge of the world, somewhere in the Arctic, spending the summer living a #Travelife.

It’s been so peaceful here that very few things seem truly important except for things like the sunshine over the lake and the crispness of the air as you take an afternoon stroll down a strange avenue with no one you know around.


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Then reality sets in, via the Internet, Facebook messenger and occasionally via my mobile phones. Although I hope you’re not sending me text messages or Viber messages as my phones ran out of battery a couple of days ago and I’ve had very little motivation to recharge them since.

So my phones are still dead although I’m using my iPod and iPad for photos and posting in real-time on Facebook and Instagram. Call it a mobile phone detox.

It’s quite nice to disconnect from the world, and to be in this slightly surreal world where so little of what is happening elsewhere matters.

It’s major panic in global stock markets,
but ever so peaceful where I am right now,
at the edge of the world, living a #Travelife…


But today I finally logged on to the international news after resisting it for a few days. Oh my goodness. What a difference a few days make.

Greece is in a total disarray with its populist and inexperienced government, and the Chinese stock markets have tumbled.

Of course, I took a look at the Nikkei after reading this. It’s fallen significantly but not crazily, although I suspect we’re in for a stockmarket bloodbath all over the world from now. I’m not holding my breath for a recovery very soon.


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Just to make things worse — and couldn’t the timing have been any bettera so-called electronic glitch caused the New York stock exchange to stop trading.

If you’re in the stock market right now, get set for a roller coaster ride and I hope you have nerves of steel. The stock markets are really all about panic at a time like this — who’s panicking and who isn’t.

My personal philosophy at a time like this — and I’ve seen quite a number of these bad days by now — is to just go and do something else rather than to watch Bloomberg or CNN and see everything nose-dive in real-time. Thank goodness I’m now in a place as remote as could possibly be to everything that is happening.

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Thank you, Greece, for starting this by injecting so much uncertainty into world affairs. This really put the world on pins and needles, ready for eruptions of anything and everything, IMHO.

I can’t believe they have national leaders who shoot their mouth off like college students. And then they called a national referendum on an issue their financial experts should be working out by themselves.

And now the Greek cold has turned into an international fever.




And here I am, taking long walks by the sea and thinking about whether to have lamb chops or lobster for dinner, as the biggest issue on my mind, here in this idyllic place that’s so cut off from the world, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful #Travelife.