An amazing safari at the Mattanu Private Game Reserve in Northern Cape, South Africa.

Everyone in Travelife Magazine really does live a never-endingly eventful Travelife.

As I write this, Travelife Creative Director Bryan Arevalo is preparing to fly to Shanghai, while Travelife Associate Editor Carlo Velasco is on his way next week to Northeast India.

Travelife Managing Editor Ceia Ylagan just got back from Kashmir, India, where she stayed on a houseboat on a beautiful lake.

Then, of course, the Travel Companion and I are off to Tanzania in a matter of days for three back–to-back safari experiences and a stay in the country’s best beach resort. If you’re looking for the best beautiful Tanzania has to offer, we’ve done our homework
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Meanwhile, Travelife General Manager Gel Bayona, who has been with the magazine since Day One, just got back from an epic trip to South Africa, where she went on a safari in Northern Cape.

She wrote of her trip:

Last September 22, we flew in via Thai Airways for a never ending Travelife wilderness escapade to South Africa’s Northern Cape to experience a one of a kind adventure.

South Africa has always been in my bucket list, so when our publisher assigned me on this very special project, I did not have to think twice.


We arrived in beautiful South Africa via Johannesburg and toured around the city for half a day while waiting for our domestic flight to Kimberley.

Upon arrival in Kimberley, we went straight to the Mattanu Private Game Reserve (which, incidentally means “gift from God”) owned by the Kriek family.


Here we went on a helicopter ride to see the beautiful view from the above the herds of Roan, antelope, are just to name a few of the rare animals we saw from the ride.

After that lovely ride, we had a wonderful welcome dinner by the bush, with a very elegant candle light set up, with the Northern Cape Tourism officials.

From there, we really had the chance to do some star gazing with the clearest skies from above.

It was truly a unique and memorable experience, on my first day in South Africa, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife.