Afternoon tea and a lovely picnic hamper at sunset on top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain

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Afternoon tea at sunset, on top of Table Mountain

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Of course, at the top of the list is a trip up Table Mountain, one of South Africa’s most famous icons.

It’s great to go at anytime, but last November, we were advised not to miss it at sunset — so this is exactly what we did.

Personally I was unprepared for the truly gorgeous sunset views from the top.


Table Mountain was right outside my hotel room at the Mount Nelson.

I had a terrace that was practically a front-seat to a 24-hour view of this mountain — so by the time we were ready for our cable car ride up the mountain itself, I was almost tired of seeing Table Mountain from all angles.

But you’ve got to go up to the top — and you just have to make it at sunset.

What a spectacle. Check out our photo-worthy moments in the current issue of Travelife. Still on sale everywhere now.


And our sunset moment on Table Mountain was literally made perfect by a Victorian-style picnic hamper full of goodies. 
It was my friend who’d thought of it. The day before we planned to make the trip up, he’d suddenly said: “Why don’t we take a picnic up Table Mountain since we’re going at sunset?” It was a very nice idea.
And before we’d found out that our hotel actually had such a basket to loan out to guests, I think we’d gone as far as thinking about going to the local equivalent of a Crate and Barrel and buying a picnic basket that we could fill up with room service food.

We were staying at the Mount Nelson Hotel, which is part of the Orient-Express group of iconic and historical hotels and travel experiences all over the world.

So we asked the concierge about such a picnic basket, expecting to be directed to some home decor or kitchen accessories shop in town. But happily, our concierge said: “Oh, we have such a basket. We just need 24-hours’ notice to prepare it.”

And that’s how we ended up with a Victorian-style picnic hamper.


The Mount Nelson is probably the only hotel in Cape Town with such a beautiful picnic hamper to lend out to guests.

Interestingly, our hotel driver who took us from the Mount Nelson to the cable car terminal said that he’d never had guests take such a picnic basket up Table Mountain before.

He said to us: “You’re the first ones…

I guess the other guests bring their picnic baskets on drives or to the nearby botanical gardens.


They even had a special picnic hamper menu.

We literally did an eenie-meenie-minie-mo routine and just picked everything and anything.

We filled our hamper with British afternoon tea goodies like smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, and then I ordered a Greek salad as well.

Everyone was certainly looking at us and our beautiful picnic hamper on top of Table Mountain. Not a few people even came up to us, asking where we’d gotten such a hamper.

And then, we went down the mountain and had the perfect nightcap of champagne, oysters and African peri-peri chicken in the cool new bar of the Mount Nelson Hotel, living another day in our never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.

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