At Torfan, one of the best restaurants in Icceland

The most romantic restaurant in Reykjavik

At Torfan, one of the best restaurants in Icceland


The other night in Iceland, living a #Travelife, we spent a truly wonderful day driving along a rarely trodden coastal road of Iceland before heading back to Reykjavik for dinner.

I’d been choosing one of my favourite restaurants in Iceland every night, and for our last night, I booked us a private room at Torfan, which is one of the nicest and most romantic restaurants in Reykjavik.


I’d planned to return to Reykjavik in time to dress up for dinner, but we’d spent so much time exploring the countryside that we had to drive straight to Torfan upon arriving back in Reykjavik, and enter the restaurant in pretty serious adventure gear.


Torfan is housed in a lovely old wooden house, and inside it’s decorated ever so tastefully with antiques and interesting objets d’art. There is nothing trendy or stylish about this restaurant.

In fact, eating at Torfan is like traveling back in time to old-fashioned Iceland. But this is what makes it very special.

The service at Torfan is also very nice and professional compared to many other similar restaurants in Reykjavik, a city that is very laid back for Asian standards.

At Torfan, one of the best restaurants in Icceland

Finally, the food at Torfan is delicious.

Torfan is known for its lobster soup as it started out mainly as a seafood restaurant, so of course we had to order this. Then, for a main course, we ordered a very nicely plated dish of grilled fish and pulled pork — a combination that surprisingly worked.

And then we returned back to our hotel to pack up for our early morning flight from Reykjavik to Copenhagen the following day, and onwards to another chapter in my never-ending #Travelife.