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A relaxing city staycation at AG New World Manila Bay

For our wedding anniversary,
my husband surprised me by booking the
presidential suite of the five-star AG New World Manila Bay in Manila, Philippines, writes Anina Magsaysay
AG New World Manila Bay

“I don’t want to get on an airplane or to spend time in an airport. I just want to stay in a hotel with a beautiful sunset view,” he said, by way of justification. Then he added: “And apparently the suite is great. It even has its own sauna. We can have a very relaxing spa weekend.”

Even with this positive introduction, I
was still unprepared for the glamour and
glitz that awaited us when we walked into
our presidential suite on the 16th floor of the  AG New World Manila Bay

The suite had floor-to-ceiling windows
encompassing the entire length of the
study, the living room and the dining room
– and straight across us from everywhere
was beautiful Manila Bay.

“This isn’t a presidential suite,” I gasped,
as we walked in and then around it. “This
is my dream house.” Or dream apartment,
to put it more accurately.


The AG New World Manila Bay presidential
is the kind of suite you’re likely to
imagine a famous Hollywood actress
living in. It’s bigger than most people’s
apartments, and with an amazing view to
boot, plus a large foyer, a fully functional kitchen,
and a very spacious public area with
state-of-the-art lighting and a Bang &
Olufsen entertainment system
. Veering off
towards the left, there’s a long corridor that
eventually leads to the private rooms of
the suite.

The private area is separated from the
public area by another foyer for complete
privacy. It has a lovely mirrored walk-in
closet room
, a cozy bedroom with a
sitting area
that faces old Manila, and a
large bathroom which is really more like a

There’s a stand-alone bathtub at one
end and a shower room
at the other and
somewhere in between is a private sauna
that actually works just like a Russian
– it’s able to heat itself up to 100

AG New World Manila Bay

The general atmosphere of this
presidential suite at the AG New World Manila Bay – my dream apartment
– reminded me of the penthouse suite of
a luxury cruise liner
, with its clean lines,
blonde wood interiors, and contemporary furniture. And the best part was probably
the luxury of space – there was truly so
much of it, situated advantageously so that
we had lovely views practically everywhere
we faced.


In fact, our suite at the AG New World Manila Bay was so nice we rarely
left it that weekend. We ordered room
service whenever possible as we wanted
to make use of our large dining room and
the proper kitchen. 

So almost everyday at mealtime, our orders were wheeled in on
a trolley and arranged on our dining table
just like at a fancy restaurant

In fact, it
was practically a fancy restaurant because
the room service menu contained dishes
from the hotel’s restaurants – so it was like
having the food of the AG New World Manila
Bay’s famous restaurants
brought to us, to
enjoy in the privacy of our suite.

Of course, I ordered almost every meal
from Li Li, which is the fine dining Chinese
restaurant of 
AG New World Manila Bay. This has long been
a great favorite of mine, and it was such
a lovely anniversary memory to enjoy the
exquisite food from Li Li in our suite.


The only exception was on our wedding anniversary
itself, when we decided to have dinner at Li Li. We began that night with
wine and cocktails in our suite, enjoying
the famous Manila Bay sunset. When the
sun went down, we headed down to Li Li
to savor a dinner worthy of an emperor.

The next day, we decided to order a
Filipino breakfast with the works via
rooms service: marinated milk fish with
scrambled eggs and garlic rice
. It was
simple heaven.

Unfortunately, the time to check-out of the AG New World Manila Bay eventually arrived
and it was with a heavy heart that I began
to pack the clothes I had so happily hung
in the suite’s mirrored walk-in closet some
days back.

Li Li  Restaurant, AG New World Manila Bay

“Do we really have to leave?” I asked my
husband, only half in jest. “I could live
here, you know.”

My husband replied with a smile:
“Unfortunately, we do. But the good thing
is that the hotel is so near, so we can always
come back for another staycation.”

“I hope we don’t have to wait until our
next wedding anniversary for another stay,
though,” I replied.


Enjoy a wonderful weekend at the AG New World Manila Bay, currently ranked
#2 among hotels in Manila on
. The hotel’s Presidential
Suite has a spacious living and dining area, perfect for the ultimate
staycation or for entertaining guests. This luxurious 280-square meter
suite also includes a powder room, a walk-in closet, and an Italian marble
spa bathroom with a Victorian bathtub and a Scandinavian-style sauna,
ensuring the highest comfort and pleasure.

Li Li offers authentic Cantonese cuisine made by renowned Hong Kong
who use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Specialty dishes
include the Imperial Peking Duck, braised whole abalone with oyster
sauce, and the suckling pig sushi. Guests can also indulge in Li Li’s
bountiful dim sum and tea selections.

The Fireplace lives up to its name with its cozy but elegant stone wall
interiors, wood-fueled oven, and top-tier European cuisine with premium
selection of steaks

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