A princess in a fairy-tale city

This morning I flew out of Prague on an early flight to Paris, for another chapter in my never-ending Travelife.

The weather was just getting beautiful in the Czech Republic so I was so reluctant to leave, as Prague is beautiful in any season and for any reason — but it is especially beautiful on a fine day.

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I have very good memories of this visit to the Czech Republic, which is one that really started on the spur of the moment, you might say.

But, as it almost always happens in my never-ending Travelife, eventually everything somehow fell into place to create a most wonderful trip to a truly lovely country.


Until yesterday afternoon, I had very good company to go around the places I wanted to visit in the Czech Republic.

And then it was time for goodbyes, and I was left on my own for an evening, before flying out to Paris today, for another adventure in my never-ending Travelife.

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So I booked a session at Spa Beerland, which is a beer spa in Prague.

And then, from the beer spa, I walked back to my hotel sans map and through the streets of the Old Town, for a good two kilometers.

The beer spa in Prague

Prague is not a very easy city to navigate, but for some reason, I didn’t get lost getting back to my hotel.

Maybe Prague is getting to be another city I will know like the back of my hand


Then for a last dinner in Prague — what can I say?

My fairy godmother smiled down at me and provided another wonderful evening and three gentlemen who really treated me like a princess.

One of them hosted dinner, and two of them — friends of friends — gallantly acted as my escorts for the night.

We had a very nice time at a restaurant on top of a hill overlooking Prague and a skip and a hop away from Prague Castle, with a dramatically-lit convent in the background.

Then, after dinner, we four walked towards the edge of the hill so that I could have a last look at Prague in all its beauty.


And this morning, there they were again at my hotel at 8 AM to personally take me to the airport.

I could have taken a hotel car, really, but they were insistent on bringing me to the airport themselves.

Prague Airport this morning

One of them said: “Always remember that you now have friends in Prague. And it’s not often we have a lady guest from overseas — so she should be treated like a princess.

Indeed, a princess in a fairytale city, living a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.