At 1 PM today, I headed over to Las Flores in the Fort for a late lunch with an old friend.

We were long overdue catching up, and today I set aside a few hours for a long and relaxing meal with her.

She was already sitting and waiting for me when I arrived. The first thing I noticed, when I saw her, was that she looked very nice.

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I couldn’t actually explain it, but she had on a dress in a fetching pink color and she just looked different. Her makeup was very nice.

But, as I’m not the type of person to comment on makeup, especially since I hardly ever wear any to begin with, I didn’t really say anything about her new look.

France, see you soon…

Instead we chatted about all sorts of things including people we knew, things we wanted to do, and places we were going to.

I’m going to Europe twice, and then to South Africa and Morocco all in the next four months.


Then, somewhere over that lunch that included big salads, tuna with hummus, and a seafood fideua, she said: “I took a makeup class recently.”

A makeup class?

For someone who hardly puts on makeup like me, taking a makeup class is as foreign as suddenly deciding to learn Russian. Or to learn how to crochet, perhaps.

She continued: “It took me five Saturdays, from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Wow, if I had three hours on five Saturdays, I know what I would be doing — and it definitely wouldn’t be a makeup class.

Or so, I thought.


As she talked so animatedly about it, and I looked at her flawless and ever so natural new look, I was completely sold on the idea by the time we had dessert.

My friend said to me: “Your life will change. Your vanity kit will change. Things will never be the same again.”

I’ll bet. Especially for someone like me. I’m fanatical about skin care but idea of makeup is sunscreen, powder and lip gloss.

Anyway, I asked her: “What was the best takeaway from those makeup classes?”

Without hesitation, she replied: “Never underestimate the power of good quality expensive makeup. The hues are different. And top quality brushes. There’s a reason why people should buy Chanel makeup and Japanese makeup brushes.”

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Hmmm. Food for thought.

Dessert, incidentally, was the best part about lunch today.

I ordered a chocolate mousse that came swimming in very fresh virgin olive oil.


Oh my goodness. That was so good. Who would have thought that rich and deep chocolate and virgin olive oil would go so well together?

We had agreed to share the dessert, but I ended up unapologetically finishing everything.

And by then, I’d taken her up on her enthusiastic offer for a makeup makeover.

She said: “Come over to the house and we’ll make it a fun thing with brunch or lunch.

How could I resist? A makeup makeover with lunch?

So that’s happening next week.


As for tomorrow, a trainer is coming over to my house to get me set on the path to physical fitness.

To think I just got his number off a friend over dinner and a Repertory Philippines play last night.

As always, even at home, it’s a never-ending, and never-endingly eventful Travelife.