A magical dinner at a beautiful palace in India

Last week in India, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife at a beautiful palace

Yesterday, living a Travelife, we spent some time in Hong Kong airport, transiting from Mumbai to Manila via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific.

The Cathay Pacific jet left Mumbai at 1 AM, which was actually perfect timing.

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We were able to have a very nice dinner in Mumbai before heading to the airport.

We had a full-course royal Indian dinner with the works at the beautiful Dom Pukht restaurant of the ITC Maratha Hotel. This is a really lovely restaurant, inspired by the interiors of a royal palace.

It’s highly recommended for chilling out over a nice meal before flying out of Mumbai.

A warm welcome at Dum Pukht fine dining restaurant of the ITC Maratha Hotel Mumbai.
Our last meal before flying…

Then we spent as little time as possible at the airport, arriving at the airport at midnight for our flight. Our hotel’s airport team met us upon arrival and we breezed through all the formalities.

The Cathay Pacific plane for Hong Kong took off on time.

And as soon as we took off, we hit the flat bed buttons and went to sleep for a good five hours. Neither of us had the meal onboard. When I woke up, we were already landing in Hong Kong.

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From the Mumbai plane, arriving early in the morning, in Hong Kong we’d headed straight for the Cathay Pacific lounge and looked for a table with two comfortable chairs and an electric socket for my computer.
Then we basically didn’t really leave this area until it was time to board the 240 PM flight to Manila.
Even in a Travelife, this dinner experience was absolutely amazing.


At the Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong, I wasn’t bored at all.

We had two bowls of noodles each, and I answered some emails. We also discussed the highlights of our trip to India, and our favorite experiences in terms of hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and people.


Although every dining experience we had was pretty amazing, we both agreed that dinner on our first night in India was just mind-blowing in terms of overall experience.

We’d stayed at a beautiful palace and booked a table for dinner. Then we’d told them we wanted a special experience.

This is one of the most famous palace hotels in the world, after all, so I was sure they had some interesting bespoke experiences to offer.


Well, they set up a table for us in this gazebo-like structure that overlooked the entire city.

Then they lined the whole path and the surroundings with candles.

I was too busy enjoying myself to notice, but my friend said there was a man standing discretely at the back ready to re-light any candles that had blown out.

This friend never misses anything, by the way. Not even the smallest detail. I like to pride myself in my powers of observation; but this guy is way ahead of me.

It certainly made for a truly magical experience. Talk about the wow factor here, even for a Travelife.


For the dinner, we left ourselves in the hands of the executive chef.

Neither of us had ever been to this part of India before, so we wanted to taste the best of local specialties.

We ended the meal with a delicious biryani. Before the biryani, though, we enjoyed all kinds of appetizers and first courses prepared especially for us by the executive chef.

Everything was delightful, especially because we ate it in this most magical of dining venues.

I certainly felt like a maharani, on my first day in India, living a never-endingly eventful Travelife.