A fabulous lunch at La Fabula in Madrid

In Madrid, living a Travelife, one of our most enjoyable meals was a surprise one.

Someone local had recommended a restaurant called La Fabula, that was quite a bit of a distance from the city center.
As I have already written in this blog, this Travelife to Spain was a foodie and culture trip, with just a bit of shopping thrown in.

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So, in terms of restaurants, we created a combination of famous Michelinstarred restaurants and very good local ones that are largely unknown to the international foodie community.

We did book ourselves a meal at El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, which is currently the best restaurant in the world, as well as the hardest to book. Their waiting list is now something like 15 months, ever since they became #1. 
By some stroke of luck, I snagged a table for four, and it was the best table in the house.

The Roca brothers, who run El Celler de Can Roca, even personally gave me a private tour of their kitchens. After the five–hour 24–course meal, we even spent some time in their wine cellar, which has 50,000 bottles. 

We also booked some other famous restaurants in San Sebastián and Valencia.

We even booked Tickets in Barcelona, which is the restaurant run by the brother of Ferran Adria of El Bulli fame. 
It is currently the hottest restaurant reservation in Barcelona.
But on this particular trip, we also wanted to try out less famous and trendy restaurants that are not as hot but equally good. And more popular with the locals.
Whenever I go to the famous Michelin starred restaurants, or to a restaurant that makes it to one of the respected lists of the best restaurants in the world, I notice that there are always more foreigners than locals. 
You can easily tell this by the languages everyone is speaking, as you walk past their tables.
So this time, I also wanted to try very good but not very internationally famous local restaurants.
La Fabula is one of these under–the–radar local restaurants.
It is located in a very residential district of Madrid. 

Also, it is inside a recreation park, adjacent to a driving range and a mini golf course, of all things.
You cannot get any more local than this. 
You can imagine how casual it is, if it is adjacent to a driving range. 
In fact, you have to walk through the driving range office to get to the restaurant proper. 
I can tell you now that the fact that we had to walk through this office just to get to the restaurant proper initially gave us serious doubts as to the quality of the food.
Looking around us, we knew immediately that the champagne would be good. They had the whole top–quality champagne line–up within view, after all. 
But we were seriously wondering how the food would measure up.

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Anyhow, since we had come this far out of the center of town, we decided to all order the tasting menu and settle in for a long and lazy lunch. 
Happily, all our doubts all proved unfounded. The food was excellent, and everything was so beautifully plated.
What a meal we had here, accompanied by lots of wonderful champagne, in beautiful Madrid, living a Travelife.

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