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A drink called Piscine, enjoyed a lot in the south of France

Piscine is usually served in a larger and rounder glass than this.
But this was certainly fine tonight,
living a #Travelife.

Today I won’t bore you with details of what I ate or cooked, somewhere in the world, living a #Travelife.

Instead I’m going to write about what I drunk, at a dinner that began way later than my usual time.

Midway through dinner, I finally had the drink called “piscine.” Someone I was having dinner with had began cocktails with it, having glass after glass next to me. And then he continued with glass after glass at dinner.

Just like water.

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Meanwhile, I strenuously resisted anything alcoholic, as this was my nth night out, and always with lots of wine. I even said no to offers of champagne. So I actually began the evening with a pot of peppermint tea.

At dinner, though, I finally couldn’t resist.

He was drinking the piscine right in front of me, you see. It’s a glass filled with ice (and if you’re one of my friends, you’ll certainly know how I feel about ice) and a pink-ish coloured liquid. It looked just beautiful. And absolutely irresistible.

So when the waitress offered me a glass midway through dinner, I finally said yes.

Just one photo of the first course tonight:
smoked salmon with slices of grapefruit

Piscine actually means swimming pool in French. But in France, it’s also the name of this drink, enjoyed a lot in St. Tropez and other glamorous and sunny parts of France.

The drink itself is just rose wine, and it’s usually served in a very large and round glass.

But the magic is when the glass is filled with ice and then the wine is poured, so that it looks beautiful and fresh, and it makes you feel like you’re drinking  a very cold glass of juice.

Of course, it’s far from juice. But it was very good, and perfect for a nice evening in balmy Manila, living a never-ending, and never-endingly delicious #Travelife. 

PS: So perfect, in fact, that I’m going to serve the piscine at my next dinner party. I just so happened to spot in my fridge a lovely rose from Cloud Estate, a winery and luxury hotel in Western Cape, South Africa, that will make a wonderful few glasses of piscine.

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