Thursday, January 25, 2018

Predict your future and learn about your past and present via Tarot Card readings

Can you really predict your future or recall your past, or even recall your past lives? Or, better yet, change your present circumstances, and all these by means of reading tarot cards? Robert Rubin, founder of Mysterium Philippines believes you can fairly confidently predict your future and receive advice on your present life via tarot cards

Mysterium Philippines offers tarot reading sessions as well as seminars on reiki, as well as on tarot readings, getting to know one's self and learning how to develop one's intuition

Robert Rubin of Mysterium Philippines


Mysterium Founders Robert Rubin and wife Sarah established three pillars of Mysterium to empower more people by helping them to develop their own intuition

Robert Rubin believes that the power of the intuitive arts can be learned, and taken advantage of, by anyone. “The intuitive arts help you build deeper relationships with others and help you understand and communicate with yourself better. It helps you be in touch with yourself,” he says.



In a similar vein, Sarah explains that Reiki – derived from the Japanese words rei (god) and ki (energy), which translate to divine energy when combined – is a Japanese form of meditation and energy healing.

Reiki is for everyone. Our problems stem from a disconnection to our internet spiritual nature. We’re supposed to feel good, powerful and beautiful. It’s not based on religion, but it is a spiritual experience that helps you reconnect,” she shares.


Robert and Sarah Rubin invite guests to join them on the path of inward discovery via workshops at Mysterium Philippines. Via these workshops, learn how to harness your innate intuitive gifts and unlock the best version of yourself.

“Discover your intuitive truth, your ‘why.’ Remember that you were meant for something greater than your job. There’s something within you that God – divine energy, or whatever you want to call it – created and there’s a purpose behind it. And when you discover it, everything else in your life falls into perspective." 

"Once you know that, you’ll know where and how to properly focus your energy," Robert concludes. 

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