Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Gen Korean BBQ House grills up a storm at first Philippine branch

Gen Korean BBQ House, a Korean barbecue restaurant chain from the United Stateshas made a grand entrance in the Philippines with a 500-seater restaurant near Manila Bay. 

Gen Korean BBQ House

Located in SM by the Bay in Seaside Boulevard, Gen Korean BBQ House features a trendy interior design that gives an upbeat and almost club-by ambiance, which is rare to find in other Korean barbeque restaurants in Metro Manila.

Gen Korean BBQ House interiors

But aside from Gen Korean BBQ House’s innovative and cool interiors, what really makes this all-you-can-eat restaurant stand out is the quality of dishes and the dining experience. Gen Korean BBQ House Philippines imports its meat from the USA, ensuring that the quality of the final dishes is up to par with its counterpart in USA.

Gen Korean BBQ House

There is also a variety of cuts to choose from, such as the hangjungsal (pork cheek), premium chadol (thinly sliced Angus brisket), and the familiar bulgogi. Gen Korean BBQ House also offers unusual cuts and marinated meats such as the daechang (large ox intestine) and gobchang (small ox intestine) and the red wine samgyubsal (pork belly marinated in red wine).

Gen Korean BBQ House facade

Cooking these meats is a gastronomic experience as diners really see the cuts transform into mouthwatering dishes. Make sure to try the off-the-menu “Manager Style” for the premium chadol or add kimchi to the hangjungsal.

Head to Gen Korean BBQ House with family and friends for a great grilling (and eating) experience.

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