Friday, December 22, 2017

Delicious dim sum menu at the Lotus Palace of the Parisian Macao

Dim sum is everyone's favorite comfort food in Asia and Macao serves some of the most delicious dim sum in Asia. Lotus Palace, signature restaurant of The Parisian Macao, has launched an exciting new dim sum menu featuring a range of innovative steamed and pan-fried delicacies, buns, rice sheet rolls and congee

Deep fried black pepper wagyu puff dim sum
at the Lotus Palace of The Parisian Macao

The new dishes at the Lotus Palace restaurant of The Parisian Macao incorporates unusual and prestige ingredients into dim sum classics such as steamed black truffle dumpling with yam bean, scallop dumpling topped with a trio of crab roe, steamed bun with charcoal and salted egg custard, and crispy glutinous rice dumpling with goose liver and dried scallop. 

Steamed scallop with crab roe at the
Lotus Palace of the Parisian Macao

They also now offer rice sheet rolls with truffle and wild mushroom, congee with sliced abalone, cordyceps flower and shredded chicken, and pan-fried Chinese green tea pancakes with fresh mango


Steamed curried chicken at the
Lotus Palace restaurant of the Parisian Macao

The chefs of the Lotus Palace at The Parisian Macao have also added new ingredients to the menu including delicious wagyu beef and umami-rich sakura shrimps. Lotus Palace Executive Sous Chef Hew Choong Yew said that the aim of the new menu of the Lotus Palace at The Parisian Macao was to present dishes that guests would outwardly recognise, but that would contain unconventional and upscale ingredients

Executive Sous Chef Hew Choong Yew said: “We experimented extensively with a wide range of materials in order to create what from appearance look like traditional dim sum, but that will surprise and delight when tasted. Some of the dishes cannot be found anywhere else.”

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