Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ube cheesecake, French onion soup and wagyu steaks at Aruga Café by Mesclun

The Aruga Cafe in Rockwell offers delicious classic dishes at reasonable prices. We're hooked on their French onion soup and steaks.

Shrimps and anchovies flammekeuche

Mesclun prides itself in creating innovative dishes and reinventing classic favorites; it’s no coincidence that their name itself translates to “mixture” in old Occitane

Le Cordon Bleu alumna and Head Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara reveals that the dishes are a combination of old recipes and new ideas. “Food is a journey,” she adds. “And we want to cater to a lot of nationalities.”

French Onion Soup

The classic French Onion Soup is baked with emmental cheese on top. Dunk your spoon to get a helping of the broth and cheese for that burst of flavor. 

The pizza at Aruga Café went perfectly with Mesclun’s flatbread selections. The shrimps and anchovies flammekeuche (Alsatian flatbread) has a crispy thin crust that complements the seafood toppings. Make sure to drizzle Mesclun’s chili oil or garlic oil on your flammekeuche!


Sisig Pasta

The sisig spaghetti is an innovative twist on a well-loved local dish. The creamy base adds texture to the pasta, along with the crunchy chicharon (pork rind) and pork bits. 

Wagyu Rump Steak

Meanwhile, the wagyu rump steak is also a different take on the typical steak dish, as it uses a leaner cut of beef than a rib-eye; but since it's wagyu, it's got delicious fatty marbling.


Finally, end your gastronomic adventure at Aruga Café by Mesclun with the ube cheesecake, which combines the best of the classic cheesecake with its creamy texture, graham base, and the unique local flavor of purple yam that adds a sweet note.

Ube Cheesecake

With Aruga Café by Mesclun’s mouthwatering dishes complemented by Aruga by Rockwell’s cozy and intimate setting, this new restaurant in Rockwell is bound to be a great favorite.


Named after the Filipino word for “nurture,” Aruga by Rockwell offers the comforts of home with fully-furnished serviced apartments along with exceptional service from a hospitable team. Apartments vary from studio units to two-bedroom suites in Rockwell, allowing different guests to find the perfect room for their needs.

Aruga Café by Mesclun hosts Rockwell Cheese Night 
every third Thursday of the month

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