Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gen Korean BBQ House stands out with premium meats and an amazing dining experience

Gen Korean BBQ House is an established Korean restaurant chain in the United States that has finally made its way to Asia. 

Korean barbecue at Gen Korean BBQ House

The cool décors combined with dim lights and upbeat music gives the spacious 500-seater restaurant a dynamic ambiance. Head of Corporate Affairs Lexy Senson shares that, “The interior design of Gen Korean BBQ House is one of the many qualities that sets us apart. We have a very young and hip atmosphere that’s hard to find in other Korean barbeque restaurants.”

But the highlights at Gen Korean BBQ House are the good quality of meats consistently served and the actual Korean barbecue dining experience. This all-you-can-eat Korean restaurant imports uses imported beef from the United States to ensure its quality. This adds depth to why grilling and eating Korean barbecue at Gen Korean BBQ House is so enjoyable.

One interesting meat is the Hangjungsal (pork cheek), a non-marinated cut that goes well with kimchi. “There’s no ‘right way’ of grilling these meats,” Senson says as she cooks the kimchi with the Hangjungsal. “But diners can try the Gen way of eating these dishes.”

The premium Chadol (thinly sliced Angus brisket) is a non-marinated cut that goes well with or without any sauce. But for diners who want the full Gen Korean BBQ experience, request for the off-the-menu “Manager Style” sauce to be tossed in the grill while the Chadol cooks. Biting into the brisket with this Gen sauce is a burst of flavor.

Head of Corporate Affairs Lexy Senson grills the Gen Way

But Gen also has numerous flavorful marinated meats such as the tender Yangyum Galbi (short ribs), the sweet and tart Hawaiian Steak, and the Spicy Samgyubsal (pork belly)

More adventurous meat lovers can order the Daechang (large ox intestine), which is marinated with a sweet teriyaki sauce. Bear in mind that this deadly dish is pure indulgence and delicious fat.

Cooking the Chadol in "Manager Style"

Gen Korean BBQ House offers 25 different cuts for the lunch menu and 35 for the dinner menu. Aside from having seafood options for dinner, Gen Korean BBQ House also offers signature flavors for chicken and pork belly, such as cajun, garlic, and soy. The combination of its diverse range of quality choices and vibrant atmosphere will keep diners coming back for more.

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