Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Crystal Jade Dining IN in BGC consistently serves authentic Chinese dishes

Since it opened its first branch in the Philippines in 2013, Crystal Jade Dining IN has established itself as a sophisticated restaurant that offers both traditional and modern Cantonese cuisine.

The barbeque combination (Three Varieties) of Crystal Jade is a sampler of classic Chinese dishes including roasted chicken, peking duck, and pork asado generously covered in a sweet honey sauce

The sliced bitter gourd with plum sauce is a healthy yet delicious appetizer that marries the strong flavors and texture of the bitter gourd with the sweetness of the plum sauce.


Try the braised fresh prawn with homemade bean curd in a thick sauce for bursts of flavor and texture as you cut through the tofu with the fresh prawn on top. Seafood lovers will also enjoy the elegantly plated steamed sea bass fillet with cordycep flower & fungus

Steamed Garoupa Fillet with  Cordycep Flower and Fungus

For a hearty main course, order the deep fried Kurobuta pork with balsamic vinegar. Kurobuta is a black pig from Japan known to be a heritage and quality breed. It has a tender meat with decadent fat.


End your dining experience with a wide selection of exquisite desserts. Try the chilled slmond beancurd with longan as it has velvety smooth texture that gives a clean taste. The chilled avocado with pomelo is a surprisingly delicious combination of both sweet and citrus acidity.

Crystal Jade Dining IN in BGC has only risen to the top since it first opened its doors four years ago, continuing to create new masterpieces and reinvent classic recipes. An elegant VIP room is also available for customers wishing to have more privacy.

Crystal Jade Dining IN is offering a special holiday menu 
for the upcoming season starting December 1, 2017

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