Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Holistic Holiday at Nurture Wellness Village

TRAVELIFE Magazine General Manager Angelica Bayona and contributing writer Joanne de la Rama started their holistic holiday at Nurture Wellness Village with a smooth ride from Makati City to Cavite with the suave and reliable new Ford Explorer Sport.

Nurture Wellness Village Garden

The leisurely drive transported them to a Filipino-themed village where people were so warm, they immediately felt at home. Welcomed with infectious smiles, a taste of their homemade mint tea, and with fresh petals thrown gracefully across the village’s main lobby, they discovered that this was just the beginning of what the Nurture Wellness Village philosophy is all about.

The TRAVELIFE team driving the new Ford Explorer Sport


The team learned more about Nurture Wellness Village directly from the beautiful founder Cathy Turvill, who embodies total wellness and healthy beauty. While enjoying a colorful spread of sumptuous superfoods from Healthy Kitchen, and a soon-to-be workshop where they’ll teach natural healing through food, they learned how to live healthier, happier, and better through C.H.O.I.C.E.S.

Nurture Wellness Village’s founder Cathy Turvill, 
Business Development Manager Irish Talay, 
and Wellness Nutritionist and Dietitian Christine Alcantara

C is for Controlling Stress and Choosing to be positive, H is for Healthy Eating and Hydrate, O is to Oxygenate, I is for Immune Boost, C is for Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Emotion, E is to Embrace natural healing therapies and S is for Sleep and Social, and Spiritual Connections. C.H.O.I.C.E.S, and what it stood for, was was evident throughout the team's entire stay.

Food from the Healthy Kitchen at Nurture Wellness Village


They had the most relaxing facial and body treatments where Nurture Wellness Village used organic ingredients such as honey, almond and yogurt, tarragon, fresh cucumbers, and royal jelly, followed by a gentle body polish using freshly grated coconut, and steamed pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves for their NILAIB massage.

Doing Tai-Qi at Nurture Wellness Village

The team had dinner under the stars and with just a bonfire warming them from Tagaytay’s cool weather, and a glamping site on stand by. The next morning, they enjoyed several activities, from the relaxing Tai-Qi Gong to the fun Happy Dance with some of the multi-talented employees of Nurture Wellness Village. 

Ifugao Suite Room at Nurture Wellness Village

They enjoyed an Interactive Nurture Farmacy Tour at Nurture Wellness Village’s very own organic farm where the team learned fascinating things about food and natural healing. Over just a short holistic holiday, the TRAVELIFE team learned that wellness shouldn’t be intimidating and overwhelming. Having a holistic lifestyle is about making better choices every day.

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