Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Maia Spa Da Nang nominated at the AsiaSpa Awards 2017

The annual AsiaSpa Awards 2017 has announced its nominees, with Vietnam's Maia Spa Da Nang as a top contender in the award ceremony's 13th edition.

Vietnam's Maia Spa Da Nang offers unique spa treatments including their Mindful Energy signature therapy

Specifically, Maia Spa Da Nang has been nominated for the Spa of the Year (Southeast Asia & the Pacific) award, and the Innovative Spa Treatment of the Year award for its signature Mindful Energy therapy.

Maia Spa Da Nang has gained traction from locals and international travelers alike for its holistic approach to healing: mind and body are taken care of at this "love-centric" spa, ensuring that healing and relaxation resonate from muscle, heart, and mind. 



The usual aromatherapy and massage therapies provided are nowhere to be found at Maia Spa Da Nang. Rather, treatments like the Mindful Energy session that's designed to be a love-releasing energy therapy aimed towards clearing tension and re-establishing emotional well-being are what guests will find. Other popular treatments at Maia Spa Da Nang include Fusion Feeling therapy that uses warm coconut oil to stimulate cells and Crystal Beauty treatment executed with circular neuro-facial movements combined with crystals to improve the skin’s elasticity and subtly relieve a busy mind.

Find, give and receive love with relaxed minds, hearts, and bodies at the Maia Spa Da Nang, Vietnam

Instead of finding massage therapists at Maia Spa Da Nang, clients will encounter 50 Vietnamese Reiki therapists, seven Reiki Masters, and 12 Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers to apply all of Maia Spa Da Nang's unique massage techniques.

“When we are connected with love energy, our hearts become so full that we cannot contain our smiles, and every moment feels joyful... When our hearts are open to the highest vibrations and we start to attract love into our lives, other people and their experiences ben to vibrate on the same level. If we train daily, we can stay in this constant state of love forever," shares Emilie Chanon, Fusion Maia’s Spa & Wellness Manager. 

For those seeking to find love  — and the abilities to receive and give it thanks to a well-balanced psyche — a visit to Maia Spa Da Nang is certainly due. Learn more about Maia Spa Da Nang and its unique treatments here. 

The AsiaSpa Awards 2017 will be held on November 16, 2017 at the Kerry Hotel Hong Kong.

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