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'Limitless' luxury resort living: Anya Resort Tagaytay

Words by Gel Bayona 

Anya Resort Tagaytay adds a new dimension to Tagaytay, the well-loved travel destination in the Philippines, by offering a luxurious retreat away from the city.

The resort is aptly named as the word anya translates to "limitless" or "boundless" in Sanskrit. And when it comes to providing the most luxurious of accommodations and resort stay experiences, Anya Resort Tagaytay certainly offers limitless ways for guests to experience these.

Anya Resort Tagaytay already relaxes mind and body with first impressions

The Travelife Magazine team recently had the privilege of getting an exclusive sneak preview at Anya Resort Tagaytay during its soft opening held this month. By the end of their stay (that we wish didn't have to end!), they discovered for ourselves the true meaning of what the resort's executives and staff proudly call the “Anya Lifestyle”: comfort and convenience in the lap of luxury.  

The property is a sprawling 7.2 hectares, requiring guests to use a golf cart to go around the resort. 78 spacious suites make up Anya Resort Tagaytay, each of which have been intricately designed with details made of premium materials and influenced by Philippine tradition. (The the suites' walls, for instance, that have been embroidered and were inspired by the barong tagalog.)

Guests will also be happy to know that each room has the most comfortable bed and pillows that make it hard to get out of bed, and amusingly, welcome portraits of guests' photos are also put on display in their rooms to welcome them! How amazing first impressions at this resort can be!

The luxurious living room found in the resorts' suits

As guests continue to explore the resort, they will discover the library that does allow them to borrow books that they are free to enjoy outdoors at Tala, a green lawn located at the heart of the property reserved for those who want to relax on the grass in the daytime, and stargaze in the evening.   

To amp up the luxury experience, each guest is also served by a “Lifestyle Assistant” who manages all the arrangements for you during your stay — be it scheduling a lunch meeting at Samira or even buying a pint of ice cream when you’re craving for sweets.

A view of the Anya suite

When it comes to recreational activities, the resort also offers lifestyle experiences unique to each location like a trip to the Yoki's Farm that's famous for its Terracotta warriors, ivory sculptures, artifacts, relics. The farm also gives visitors the chance to meet a friendly parrot and ostrich duo and participate in picking out fresh greens and berries for their salads or snacks for the day.

On the other hand, guests who prefer to enjoy the comfort of the resort's surrounding areas won't be left wanting. Indoor amenities that include a spa and gym as well as a heated swimming pool are all available. 

Truly, this is living life without bounds!

A view of uninterrupted relaxation from the top 

Of course, with great lifestyle experiences comes a gastronomic feast to match. Michelin Star chef Emmanuel Stroobant serves both decadent and healthy dishes in the many in-house restaurants of Anya Resort Tagaytay.

When asked how his culinary experience around the world has helped prepare him for Anya Resort Tagaytay, Chef Stroobant shares, “The answer isn’t culinary. The answer is more of philosophy. It’s having the mind to drive people to be better. In French, the word chef doesn’t mean cooking. Cooking is cuisine in French. Chef means leader, somebody who takes charge in the restaurant. That’s how I want to train my team. We need cooks; it’s part of the training. But ultimately, I want them to lead people in the best possible way.”

A shot of the Anya Garden Suite — a guest room that brings you closer to nature
With Chef Stroobant's take on luxury dining , it's safe to say that guests can expect only the best dishes at the resort.

Indeed, the TRAVELIFE Magazine team had the opportunity to taste the best of Chef Stroobant and his team’s best dishes in all-day restaurant Samira. Chef Stroobant served beautifully plated Mediterranean dishes using premium and locally sourced ingredients. Highlights for the team included the flavorful tanigue fish risotto, the moist sea bass for the main course, and the flaming meringue for dessert. 

The writer with Anya Resort Tagaytay General Manager Peter D'Souza 
On the other hand, Amra, a soon-to-open outletis great for Spanish tapas and wine pairings. The dining outlet has a selection of over 150 labels to choose from. As yet another dining option, the casual outdoor dining setting at Anila lets guests bask in the cool breeze while eating hearty burgers, sandwiches, and specialty brick-oven pizzas.

Overall, Anya Resort Tagaytay is a game changer in the locale, as this property taps into the heart of luxury travelers with its impeccable rooms, smooth and attentive service, and diverse dining establishments handled by a renowned Michelin star chef.  Anya Resort Tagaytay is recognized as one of the only four luxury properties in the Philippines awarded as a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

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