Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Dragon Noodles Academy restaurant of Hong Kong creates Halloween dim sum

Dragon Noodles Academy's Mixed Vegetables Salad crawls with deep fried caterpillar fungus 
— we dare you to try it!

If you think you've tried all the culinary experiences in Hong Kong, think again.

Foodies from around the world, turn your heads to Dragon Noodles Academy, one of Hong Kong's most popular dim sum restaurant. It mashes the best of the Hong Kong's colorful history and pop culture in the most awesome of ways. From its menu to its interiors, this gastronomic destination is a must for anyone who likes their restaurant experiences to appeal to all five senses.

--> Dragon Noodles Academy's unique take on the classic: Chicken Wings Wrapped with Crispy Noodles 
Dragon Noodles Academy, otherwise known as DNA, is influenced by the style of Kung-Fu academies from days gone by. 

The restaurant is decked out in Instagram-worthy elements inspired by old Hong Kong, including traditional Chinese herbal apothecary cabinets, golden hand-carved dragons, a Wing Chun wooden dummy, and even lion heads worn by traditional lion dancers. 

BBQ Pork Buns get a spooky twist at the Dragon Noodle Academy this Halloween

When it comes to the menu, the name gains another layer in its meaning as its ultra-creative chefs literally extract the “DNA” of traditional Hong Kong food and puts it back together in ways even the most experienced travelers and discerning diners have never seen before.  

Dishes at Dragon Food Academy are as eye-catching as they are delicious, 
just like this plate of Deep-Fried Charcoal Soft Shell Crabs

This October, Dragon Noodles Academy Chefs invite guests from all over the world to dine at this restaurant that's got plans to make this Halloween especially memorable. 

Dim Sum Head Chef Winson Yip and Wok Section Head Chef KC Mak flawlessly showcase distinctive qualities of hairy crabs — a truly ghoulish but delicious dish — with fastidiously invented delicacies featured in two menus: "The Culinary Art of Hairy Crab" and in Halloween Night.”

Should you order a 
--> Dumpling Eye with Red Bean Panna Cotta for dessert at Dragon Noodle Academy? Definitely!
Dragon Noodles Academy introduces ten new gastronomic reinventions of the golden crab roe of the hairy crab that are ready to eat in dim sum style, sans the shells, which everyone should be excited to try. 

These eye-catching and palatable dishes will be available until October 31. 

Dragon Noodles Academy's Steamed Red Bean Dumplings look a little intimidating, but don't let that stop you from getting a bite 

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