Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gourmet Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go opens at the Hong Kong International Airport

When it comes to airport layovers and long connecting flights, a comfortable wait at the great dining options at the airport don't usually come to mind. We don't blame you. 

Plaza Premium GroupFlight Club Grab ‘n’ Go opens at the Hong Kong International Airport

Thankfully, the Hong Kong International Airport one of the busiest airports in Asia — has made it its personal mission to change all of that. 

With them behind the wheel, great travel experiences don't just start when you reach your destination, but define the journey, from checking in, to taking off, to landing.

At Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go, healthy eating doesn't translate to bland food choices, especially with this tasty Smoked Salmon sandwich 

This begins with the with the first Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go  to open at the Hong Kong International Airport. 

Conceptualized by the proudly Hong Kong-born Plaza Premium Group, Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go is the airport's first one-stop wholesome gourmet food store

You don't have to plan a trip to Africa 
to enjoy this Moroccan-style chicken sandwich 
served at Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go

The Gourmet Flight Club Grab 'n Go allows health-conscious travelers to continue their healthy lifestyle choices when departing from or arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport — a unique dining concept not yet present in most of the world's best airports. 



Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go's Timeless smoothie 
formulated to fight jetlag thanks to 
natural properties from apple, orange, turmeric and ginger 

Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go menu options include a variety of side dishes, hot plates, mains that can be split with a traveling companion, sandwiches, soups and salads, as well as an interesting selection of fresh slow-pressed juices whose mixtures combat different travelers' woes (like jetlag and difficulty falling asleep on the plane). 

The curry of the day prepared by chefs at 
Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go 
and served with bread made fresh daily

Only seasonal and locally sourced ingredients are used for every drink, and every dish. This is to ensure the quality of every single item on the menu is true to Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go's promise to deliver only the healthiest eats to customers. 

Avoid feeling down and out with Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go's The C Booster 
made especially to give you that extra kick of vitamin C 
from pineapple, grapefruit, orange, ginger and chia seeds

Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go is currently available in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. 

At the Hong Kong International Airport, it is located on Level 5, Arrivals Hall B, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport and is open daily from 7 AM to 11 PM.

Feeling more sweet than savory? 
Grab a Chocolate Hazelnut Cronut at the Flight Club Grab ‘n’ Go

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