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Child-friendly adventures in Canberra, Australia

Acorn-shaped cubbies at the Pod Playground, National Arboretum Canberra 

Travelife lists eight reasons why Canberra, Australia's capital, should be in the shortlist for your next family getaway

Adventures with giant acorns 

Sweat it out at the Pod Playground of the National Arboretum Canberra (, a nature-themed playground with giant acorn cubbies and equally large Banksia pods. 

It really a cute sight to see, even for grown ups, so onlookers and passers-by won't give adults taking photos with the surroundings a second look. 

Roaring fun with giants 

Kids experience robotic dinosaurs at the 
National Dinosaur Museum, Gold Creek Village

The National Dinosaur Museum ( in the Gold Creek Village showcases realistic dinosaur models, illustrations, and fossils

Children will enjoy the moving robotic dinosaurs and the educational information panels that allow them to discover the stories behind dinosaurs, creatures they have seen only in their storybooks or on TV. It's a great way to encourage learning through play. 

Ranger for a day 

Children can experience being park rangers for the day at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve (

Australian wildlife experts can teach them to be on the lookout for animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and platypus. In between “work,” spread a mat out on the grass and enjoy a family picnic, or take an outdoor nap. Remember to bring sun screen. 

The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve 
lets children experience the Australian outback 
— all with the supervision of experienced tour guides and wildlife experts

The playground for wiz kids 

Questacon’s National Science and Technology Centre ( houses educational and amusing exhibits that stimulate a child's mind. Have the patience to explain to kids that there is more than meets the eye when exploring exhibits. 

Don’t miss the Spectacular Science Show, a highly engaging way of discovering science. Who knows, this might be where the world's future scientists find their true calling. 

Kids discover that learning about science 
can be fun and cool at the 
Questacon’s National Science and Technology Centre
Meet the great explorers 

Get to know Australia’s 50 greatest explorers including Captain James Cook and Sir Hubert Wilkins at the Trailblazers Exhibit at the Australian Museum (

Children with above-average activity levels (let's face it; that covers pretty much all kids) can also try their hand at physical activities like wall climbing and the polar glove challenge. It's a productive way to channel restlessness or cure boredom for kids on a "grown-up vacation!" 

The Trailblazers Exhibit at the Australian Museum 
tells the story of Australia's interesting past 
— a great way for kids to appreciate history 

A wild family day 

Experience a thrilling animal encounter at the National Zoo and Aquarium ( and get up close with lions, giraffes, rhinos, and brown bears. They also have a Zoocation program specifically for safe zoo activities for children. 

Here, children learn the importance of living harmoniously with animals and instills the values of caring for them. 

Childten (and possibly their parents) will be amazed 
at seeing wildlife up close when they enroll in 
the Zoocation Program at the National Zoo and Aquarium 

It's a small world, after all

Cockington Green Gardens ( is a wonderland of miniature structures for children interested in geography. The ride on a colorful steam train through remarkable landmarks from 30 countries will seal their love for travel. 

Feel free to make up games along the way, like memorizing cities and countries, or practicing finding a destination! 

Miniature structures and interactive geography lessons 
get kids interested in traveling the world 
at the Cockington Green Gardens 
Activities for young sports stars 

The Australian Institute of Sport ( offers sports vacation programs in swimming, football, soccer, dance, and triathlon. 

Even toddlers have their own exciting team building games. Kids get their first experiences of teamwork, cooperation, and practice, while helping their bodies become stronger. 

Score! Kids safely and productively expend their extra energy at the Australian Institute of Sport 
that offers many sports vacation programs 

What do you think? With this list, mom and dad will surely have an easier time planning a trip with the tots. After all, family vacations should be fun for every family member, no matter how young they are! 

On the other hand, for parents looking to spend some much needed alone time with each other, make sure to read our travel guides for unique destinations like the rugged Idaho, USA and passionate Argentina. 

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