Friday, May 12, 2017

Cicek Pasaji and the Pera District of Istanbul

Cicek Pasaji in Istanbul

The Cicek Pasaji in Istanbul is very touristy but I love going here anyway whenever possible and then having tea at the Pera Palas. 

Then I go on a long walk through the Pera district towards the Istanbul Modern, down a hill that ends at my favorite Iznik tile store at the bottom of the university designed by the great architect of the Ottoman Empire, Mimar Sinan


I walked the twisted lanes of old Istanbul, lined with beautiful old buildings, antique shops and art galleries with confidence and experience, happy over how the forces of the Universe truly conspired to make this long weekend in Istanbul -- four wonderful days and back again to Asia -- happen. 

Everything from the weather to the wines has so far been perfect. I haven't even gotten jetlag. #lucky


Yesterday, I gave my friend the best personalized tour of a local's Istanbul. Amazed, my friend asked: "How many times have you been to Istanbul?" 

I turned and said "Probably 25. And each time I go, I revisit my favorites of the old and find more new discoveries." 


And, oh yes, I also buy a luggage fulll of artisan-quality Iznik tiles for my home, so that my beloved Istanbul is always with me. ;) On this trip, I bought four works of art to remind me of those four wonderful days -- and I plan to hang them in my bedroom this weekend,

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