Friday, May 12, 2017

Business class onboard Turkish Airlines


Good morning from 30,000 feet in the air, onboard Turkish Airlines to Istanbul for a lovely long weekend -- literally 4 days of fun and then it's back to Asia. :) 

Since I practically live in hotels and airplanes, thought I'd share with you my simple litmus test for quality. The best hotels in the world offer real cotton pads in their bathrooms (not the cheap cotton balls) regardless of where they are in the world because they know cotton balls are just so much harder to use with skincare products.


And the best airlines in the world have free WiFi onboard, plants in the bathroom, proper tea cups, and Travelife Magazine in their inflight libraries for business class. Quite surreal but nice to be offered your own magazine onboard -- and to hear other passengers around you asking for it. 

Anyhow, here's the lowdown on my recent experience riding business class on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and back to Asia. I take this route fairly frequently, and this particular time, I observed a significant improvement in the overall Turkish Airlines business class experience

This airline was already good before, but it has become significantly better.


1) The service onboard Turkish Airlines by the stewardesses and stewards was excellent. Everyone was kind and polite, and I was approached multiple times for refills of tea and drinks.

2) The food is very good, especially onboard flights flying out of Istanbul. On the return flight to Asia from Turkey, the lamb dish with eggplant was among the best dishes I've had on an airplane.

3) The flatbeds are among the widest and most comfortable, especially as a proper bedpan and duvet, along with a new pillow, are provided. The legroom is huge even on the 777 aircrafts.

4) The business class lavatories were always clean. Currently, they have real plants as decor and Molton Brown toiletries.

5) Free WiFi onboard for business class is just great. They also provide wonderful Denon headphones for inflight entertainment and, on the last flight, a black Furla inflight kit

Interestingly, they request these expensive headphones back from passengers about 20 minutes before landing. But for those who wish to continue watching a movie or television show right up to landing, they provide a very good alternate set of headphones. None of these cheap stuff onboard Turkish Airlines. 

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