Thursday, February 23, 2017

NOBU's Gourmet Tour of Japan at Intercontinental Hong Kong

Nobu at the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong's Gourmet Tour of Japan continues in March and April with a culinary tour of Kyushu.

Throughout the year Executive Chef Sean Mell and NOBU Executive Sushi Chef Kazunari Araki are guiding food lovers through Japan's prefectures.

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They started in Okinawa in January and February.

Now they are heading north with the harvest to showcase seasonal and regional products as the inspiration for their imaginative dishes along the culinary journey of Japan.


Nobu at the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong

In 2017, NOBU'S GOURMET TOUR OF JAPAN will showcase six regions:

Okinawa Farm 
(January – February 2017) 

Kyushu Hanami 
(March – April 2017) 

Kyoto Twist 
(May – June 2017) 

Like Kobe, Love Wagyu 
(July – August 2017) 

Harvest in Aomori 
(September - October 2017) 

Hokkaido is Here 
(November – December 2017) 

The culinary journey continues from March 7 to April 30, showcasing seasonal items from Kyushu with the theme of Hanami, a traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers in springtime, especially during the sakura (cherry blossom) season which usually begins in March.

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