Saturday, February 25, 2017

Health & wellness treatments at Centro Holistico for 2017

This post is about health & wellness treatments at Centro Holistico for 2017.

Long gone are the days when being healthy means you’re not sick and you’re taking your vitamins. Nowadays, good health and true wellness is more challenging to achieve due to environmental pollution, stress, and many lifestyle habits that we may not know are damaging to our over-all well-being.

At CENTRO HOLISTICO, Dr. Candy Drilon-Dalman and her team are bringing to light new ways to care for ourselves through a holistic and integrative approach where different aspects of our lifestyles are analyzed to understand how to better improve our health.


Through the Holistic Medical Consultation, clients undergo a complete review of their lifestyle – from their medical history, diet and physical activities, to work and social habits, to their overall stress levels daily.

This eye-opening consultation allows one to thoroughly review one’s eating habits and lifestyle, and gives a fresh look into how we tend to take our health for granted by the little things we do or don’t do. A live blood analysis is also performed, where one’s blood sample (only 2-3 drops of blood) is studied to get a clearer picture of the client’s nutritional state.

Dr. Candy addresses physical, mental, and even emotional (or spiritual) concerns of the patient, and recommends ways to improve or resolve these concerns through changes in one’s diet and lifestyle.

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Along with this, she recommends specific treatments that can jumpstart one’s journey back to good health. Three such treatments are recommended for those who would like to welcome 2017 with better health choices.

Start off with a colon cleanse treatment which detoxifies the body through an infusion of coffee solution that flushes out toxins and built-up stools in the colon.

Follow this up with an IV Laserlight Therapy which repairs and improves tissues in the body, while also reducing in ammation and pain, particularly for clients who want to alleviate pain without taking medication.


Finally, Dr. Candy recommends acupuncture for overall health. This traditional Chinese healing treatment uses needles applied on specific points in the body which need “balance,” thus, triggering the restoration of that body’s natural energy flow.

The beauty of holistic medicine is that it works hand-in-hand with Western medical practices, while reducing the intake of over the counter medications. Instead, Dr. Candy and her team focus on better diet, exercise, and mind-body healinglifestyle practices that begin with prevention – which ultimately promotes a longer lasting journey to optimum health and wellness.

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